5 Jobs In The Beauty Industry That Could Open Up a Second Career

5 Jobs In The Beauty Industry That Could Open Up a Second Career

Many people these days look to working a second job or are interesting in changing their career path completely. The beauty industry is one of those areas that can give you plenty of opportunities to start up a second career if you know where to look.

Here are five good suggestions about how to get started in the beauty industry.

1: Become a hairdresser

Hairdressing attracts a lot of people because it is great for social butterflies that like talking and listening to people. Having an interest in the latest hairstyles and trends is helpful here, but it does take some professional training to be able to do it properly. Be prepared to go back to school to train. Many colleges offer part-time or evening training courses that you could fit around your existing job to enable you to train and practice your skills while still earning.

2: Clothes designer

Having a passion for fashion is something a lot of us are born with. Not many go on to work in the industry right from leaving school, but many people make a very successful second career out of it further down the line. If you have a natural flair for fashion and have lots of creativity, then you could re-train to become a clothes or fashion designer. Having your own unique niche here will be the best route to making it work. Many designers work on creating a line of hats, or coats made from recycled materials for example. They can often build a following of fans who eagerly snap up their latest offerings.

3: Beauty Therapist

Becoming a beauty therapist also takes specialist training. Being a people person and enjoying the social side of this industry really does help too. You will need to make your clients feel relaxed in your company if they are really going to benefit from the treatments you offer them. It is also helpful to keep up to date with all the latest industry training to meet with current regulations. This will include Level 7 Injectables for Botox and dermal fillers.

4: Skincare Specialist

A skincare specialist is closely aligned with being a beauty therapist, but will specialise more deeply in the esthetician side of the profession. Most skincare specialists like Revitalize You MD will deal with clients skin problems and they will help them to manage their conditions through giving specialised facial treatments and advice for looking after their skin. You can also look up a reliable skin care manufacturer when in this line of work.

5: Nail technician

Nail art is the latest ‘big-thing’ in the beauty world. You will need plenty of patience and lots of creativity to find your niche here. The great thing about being a nail technician is that many of your clients will allow you to go wild with your ideas, giving you free-rain to create mini-masterpieces that your clients will love to show off – and will be the best sales advert for your services!

There are more jobs in the beauty sector than those we mention here of course, but even if you choose to do something else, any one of these could be another great sideline to add to your new career.