How AI can help small businesses

The digital world is growing with every passing day, so it makes sense that lots of small businesses are turning to technology to make their lives easier. From social media marketing to accounting software, there are hundreds of ways that tech can help you to improve your day-to-day processes and engagement. But a lot of small businesses forget that AI productivity tools can help them to grow too, as there are many advanced accounting softwares for small business that can smooth out the operation of your company. While it might sound futuristic, AI has a lot of business applications that are accessible even to those on a budget. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with some of these AI solutions today:


One of the most popular uses for AI across eCommerce, chatbots allow businesses to improve the level of customer service they offer. Chatbots will never replace talking to a human, but they can answer basic questions about offers and shipping. Some users find it easier to navigate a website when talking to a chatbot, so if you’re struggling to answer lots of basic questions from your audience, chatbots could be the answer.


AI can also be more subtle. Most people think that artificial intelligence involves computers behaving like humans, but lots of algorithms are powered by AI. Personalised shopping recommendations that appear based on a user’s browsing history can also be powered by AI. The software analyses shopping habits and tries to predict what other products certain customers will be interested in. This can work really well in combination with an e-mail campaign where your customers get personalised e-mail recommendations straight to their inbox.

Voice Commands

It might seem like an unnecessary add-on, but voice commands are being used by an increasing number of people. Using AI technology, lots of businesses are making their search bars and apps compatible with voice activation. Do a bit of research into your customer base to determine whether this is something that would work for your business. It can also help you to improve accessibility, as some users might find it hard to see and type their queries.

Virtual Reality

Coming under the umbrella of AI, virtual reality is a popular new way for eCommerce stores to get closer to an in-person shopping experience. Customers can see how products would look in their homes or interact with them in a more three-dimensional way. Cosmetic companies even allow users to scan in a photo of their face to see how certain products would look on them. While these applications aren’t for all businesses and industries, VR has lots of promise and could help you to improve your customer experience.

Do I really need AI?

If you’re just getting set up as a small business, AI might be quite low down on your list of priorities. But if you’ve been up and running for a while and are looking to grow, it could be a great next step. Some of the AI discussed in this blog will already be rolled into certain marketing packages you might be subscribed to, meaning you can definitely start small.