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The intelligentHQ Social Media Counter

An original concept developed by Alexander Aranda, IntelligentHQ Chief Information Officer

Its always interesting to find out how popular your website or article is and one of the best ways to determine this is by quantifying the number of times it has been shared across the main social media networks.

You may think that such a tool must exist somewhere on the internet, well so did I until I actually tried to find one! There are tools that give you the facebook shares or twitter shares and some that actually give you the number of both as well as Linkedin and Google+. What makes the iHQ Social Counter unique is that it gives you the total number of:

That is a total of eight social networks that serve to give you a more accurate and far more reliable social media metric than ever before! This tool has many applications some of which are described below.

Better Understand Your Users

It is very important for content marketers to assess and measure the quality and popularity of the content they create and how well it performs within certain social circles. For example you may discover that an article is particularly popular amongst the Linkedin community giving you an indication that you should place a special emphasis on that social network.

Content Creation Planning

When creating content it is always recommended that you have a strategy in place that is in line with your objectives. If your objective is to create an article in about entrepreneurship for example, you could try searching for articles on Entrepreneur.com as well as other similar websites to assess the popularity of a particular topic within that niche.

Determine Current Trends

The internet is an ever-changing landscape with online habits constantly changing using the iHQ tool will allow you to stay ahead of your competition by allowing you to understand what type of content is shared more and on what networks. You will then gain inside knowledge of what type of content is most shared, from graphical (as in infographics) to the traditional text based articles.

Learn from Competitors

The iHQ Social Counter can be used to measure what content seems to be most popular on your competitors websites thus giving you a good idea in which direction to head when creating content and what social networks to focus on in order to maximize your chances of online success.

Gauging Online Success

Perhaps you are on the verge of buying an entire website, including its content or perhaps you are thinking about writing a guest post for a blog. It would be wise in both cases to use the tool to see exactly how often the site and some of its seemingly popular content has been shared.


An extensive list related to the iHQ Counter, useful for anyone interested in the statistics related to social media data of a page or website.

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