‘Lead Like You’ By Jo Wagstaff: Empowering Women With Authenticity

‘Lead Like You: How Authenticity Transforms the Way Women Live, Love, and Succeed’ by Jo Wagstaff, published by Wiley in February 2024, explores the power of authenticity in women’s leadership. Available in ebooks and paperback formats, the book explains the complexities of modern leadership while highlighting the need to remain true to oneself.

‘Lead Like You’ By Jo Wagstaff: Empowering Women With Authenticity

Lead Like You: How Authenticity Transforms the Way Women Live, Love, and Succeed’ by Jo Wagstaff challenges the prevailing narrative of success, encouraging women to rediscover their paths in leadership. In this book, she talks about how women can be true to themselves while leading.

Wagstaff recognises the challenges that many women experience in managing their personal and work lives. Based on her own experiences as a leader and coach, she brings very personal and useful guidance in the book for developing a strong connection with oneself and others.

Is the life you’re leading true to you? Do you feel like you’re endlessly striving in a world that never stops asking for more?” These are the questions that open the deep exploration of authenticity and leadership in this book. “Lead Like You” encourages women to be confident, embrace their flaws, and lead with purpose. It’s a guide to finding your path and being proud of it.

A life where we can achieve great things but more importantly also find meaning, purpose and deep life satisfaction. The world needs this kind of wisdom. This is a book whose time has come. Profound. Transformational. An exceptionally important book for the women of our times.” says Melli O’Brien co-founder of mindfulness.com.

Exploring Authenticity: A Journey Through ‘Lead Like You’

The 320-page book ‘Lead Like You’ highlights the journey of self-discovery and personal growth, taking readers through three major sections: Know Yourself, Care for Yourself, and Be Yourself.

In “Know Yourself”, the focus is on understanding one’s authentic identity, addressing challenges in living authentically, meeting personal needs, navigating relationships, and recognising barriers to authenticity. “Care for Yourself” emphasises the importance of self-care, covering topics such as self-compassion, setting boundaries, recognising personal needs, and financial well-being. Finally, “Be Yourself” encourages readers to embrace authenticity by finding their true selves, identifying authentic values and purpose, translating those values into a vision, fostering authentic relationships, balancing strength and vulnerability, redefining success, and ultimately leading authentically.

The book is available in both paperback and ebook formats. The ebook starts at $16.99, while the print version is available starting at $23.00.

Jo Wagstaff: An International Leadership Coach, Author, and Speaker

Jo Wagstaff is an accomplished author and speaker dedicated to empowering individuals to lead with authenticity and purpose. She had a highly successful corporate career in the financial services industry, marked by notable achievements and leadership roles.

By the age of 30, she was already seated at the executive table of Colonial First State (CFS), Australia’s leading wealth management organization. In this role, she held significant responsibilities, overseeing a team of over 150 people and managing a $40 million budget across various departments including Brand, Marketing, Product, and Client Services.

Her success caught the attention of industry leaders, leading to her recruitment by the CEO and a select group of executives to join Challenger Financial Services Group, a Top 200 listed wealth management business.

However, her experience of burnout and personal challenges led her to walk on a transformative journey. Her transformative journey from corporate success to purpose-driven entrepreneurship fuels her passion for guiding others toward authentic leadership and personal fulfilment.