Apple Vision Pro Workshop, AWE Conference, And Auggie Awards Are The Key Highlights At The The Augmented World Expo 2024

The 15th anniversary version of the Augmented World Expo (AWE) is scheduled in the USA from June 17-20, 2024 at Long Beach Convention Center. A full day workshop for Apple Vision Pro (sponsored by Unity), a three-day AWE conference, and the Auggie Awards are the key highlights of the event.

Apple Vision Pro Workshop, AWE Conference, And Auggie Awards Are The Key Highlights At The The Augmented World Expo 2024

The Augmented World Expo (AWE) is celebrating its 15th anniversary with an exclusive Apple Vision Pro workshop on June 17th, 2024, at the Long Beach Convention Centre. Sponsored by Unity and affiliated with Apple, the workshop dives deep into the world of Apple Vision Pro Brands for developers, designers and product managers.

Raven Zachary and Dom Sagolla, co-founders of VisionDevCamp, will host the workshop, while the sessions will be led by top experts who have successfully built the first visionOS consumer and enterprise apps.

According to Ori Inbar, co-founder of AWE:

Apple Vision Pro not only sets a new high bar for spatial computing but also promises to provide a lucrative ecosystem for developers hungry for revenue. So, we’ve assembled the very best instructors to teach anyone how to build for the Apple Vision Pro and harness those opportunities. This workshop is not to be missed!

The Apple Vision Pro workshop will be followed by the three-day AWE conference from June 18th-20th and Auggie Awards, the XR industry’s long-standing awards competition, on June 19, 2024.

The Apple Vision Pro Workshop at Augmented World Expo 2024

The Apple Vision Pro workshop will be sponsored by Unity, the world’s leading platform of tools for creators to build and grow real-time games, apps, and experiences across multiple platforms. Unity will showcase and demo how its platform works for spatial computing, enabling a wide range of experiences, from games and entertainment to industrial use cases such as training for Apple Vision Pro.

The AWE Vision Workshop, sponsored by Unity and organised by industry veterans Raven Zachary and Dom Sagolla of VisionDevCamp, is a platform offering a comprehensive exploration of Apple Vision Pro’s hardware and software capabilities.

The AWE Vision workshop event features renowned experts and innovators in the XR industry. Among them are Bert Nepveu, Co-Founding Partner of Triptyq Capital; Andy Roth, Founder of Deviant Labs; Daniel Marqusee, Lead Spatial Designer at Bezi; James Ashley, formerly XR Engineering Lead for Walmart’s Apple Vision Pro app; Dulce Baerga, Virtual World Builder at Immers Space; Sarah Hill, CEO of Healium; Andrew Eiche, CEO of Owlchemy Labs; Adam Lisagor, Founder of Sandwich; and Zac Duff, Co-Founder and CEO of JigSpace.

The attendees at AWS 2024 will receive a comprehensive overview of the hardware and software capabilities of Apple Vision Pro. Delving into real-world case studies that are presented by experts in the field, participants will gain valuable insights into the practical applications of Apple Vision Pro technology.

The event will also help attendees to explore the three development paths: visionOS, Unity, and web, learning about their respective strengths and limitations. They will also acquire essential knowledge on navigating the publishing process for visionOS apps. The AWE 2024 event also offers hands-on time with Apple Vision Pro, providing attendees with the opportunity for immersive and interactive experiences with the technology.

The Auggie Awards at Augmented World Expo

AWE will also host Auggie Awards to recognise excellence in Apple Vision Pro innovation in categories  such as Best Consumer App, Best Enterprise Solution, Best Game, Best Societal Impact, Best use of AI, and more.

Following a record number of nominations in 2023, the Auggie Awards have expanded to include new categories. These include the Best Climate Change Solution, building upon the 2023 XR Prize, which recognises AR/VR solutions to manage climate change. The Best Content Creators category acknowledges exceptional content contributions to the XR industry. The Best Education & Training Solution category is introduced to recognise the growing utilisation of XR for educational and training purposes, and the Best Web3 Implementation category highlights platforms utilising Web3 technology in spatial computing.

While the nominations are to be submitted through April 23rd, the recipients of these awards will be celebrated at the Auggie Awards Ceremony, a highlight of the AWE USA 2024 event, scheduled for June 19th in Long Beach, California.

Augmented World Expo: Shaping the Future of XR

AWE (Augmented World Expo) is the world’s leading AR+VR conference and expo with events in the USA, Asia and Europe. AWE events consistently bring together a mix of CEOs, CTOs, designers, developers, creative agencies, futurists, analysts, investors and top press in a unique opportunity to learn, inspire, partner and experience firsthand one of the most exciting industries of our times.

Serving as a trusted platform, AWE has converged over 5,000 companies and 60,000 professionals since 2010 to learn, connect, and expand their businesses within the XR ecosystem. This vibrant community of XR professionals encompasses a diverse range of stakeholders, including end-users, solution providers, investors, startups, creators, developers, brands, job seekers, and recruiters.

The multifaceted AWE community operates both online and offline, offering a plethora of resources, events, and initiatives tailored to the needs of the XR community. From major conferences and exhibitions across the USA, EU, and Asia to year-round online mini-events, meetups, academy classes, and workshops, AWE provides a comprehensive ecosystem for individuals and businesses to thrive in the XR industry.

Additionally, AWE also hosts the Auggie Awards to recognise excellence and innovation in the XR space and celebrate the most groundbreaking solutions and ideas.