6 Tools That Can Help Your Business Grow

6 Tools That Can Help Your Business GrowAs a business owner, you are constantly looking for new growth opportunities to expand your customer base, increase sales and grow the company. However, many businesses fail to harness powerful digital tools that can make it easier to find an untapped market for their products or services. It may be difficult to figure out where your target customer base might be hiding, but the following six tools may help you find a new audience.

Funnel Scripts

The Funnel Scripts tool offers a simple way to track website visitors and learn more about their behavior. While the tracking is free, you will need a paid Funnel Builder to account if you want to take advantage of the visitor management features. After setting up your account, create custom scripts that track what visitors are doing on your website. Customize scripts based on which pages they visit, how long they stay on each page, where they originate from, and what links they click to see the search engines. These reports come in handy for identifying problems with site navigation or learning more about what specific items potential customers are looking for. You should also learn more about the Funnel Builder Secrets package that includes two brand new tools –  the Funnel Analytics Builder and the Funnel Report Card. These programs help you benchmark your business against the competition and see how it stacks up.


Small business owners can gain valuable insight by using the features of Mailchimp, one of the most popular email marketing tools on the market today. With this tool, you can create customized emails that introduce new products or inform customers about upcoming sales and promotions. You can also make it easier for potential customers to learn about your company by sending out an email newsletter with updates about your industry or sharing helpful blog posts within your niche. When combined with other tools like InfusionSoft, MailChimp helps you create an effective digital strategy that boosts customer engagement and profitability. Also,  check out the Mailchimp Review to see how this tool can make email marketing easy.


SurveyMonkey makes it easier for entrepreneurs to learn more about their customers and potential customers. By creating a free survey, you can get input from anyone who visits your website or responds to an email marketing campaign. Create a list of questions that range from budget size to buyer’s intent to specific product preferences. Once you have your list of questions ready, send out an invitation link via email or social media to learn what your customers want from your company. Try asking open-ended follow-up questions to learn more about each answer submitted. You may also use SurveyMonkey in conjunction with other tools, such as Data Hero, which helps you turn the data collected from surveys into charts and graphics for easy interpretation.

Headline Analyzer

Business owners may not think that a headline is important, but it plays a crucial role in the success of an article or product listing page on your business website. The Headline Analyzer tool analyzes headlines and identifies common mistakes like verb tense inconsistencies and weak writing. Customers do judge a book by its cover so it is important to present yourself as a knowledgeable brand with attractive content for potential customers to read. You will want to pay close attention when using this tool since it points out errors in wording and punctuation so you can learn what works best for your articles and blog posts.


Businesses with large numbers of videos could benefit from the Meetedgar program. This tool automatically curates older content, while promoting your latest items on your website’s homepage and other pages you select. The system even pulls in data about what is trending in your industry to help you decide which video topics are most relevant at any given time. You can then push this information into various marketing platforms, including social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus. This way, you can get the most out of your video marketing strategy and attract more attention from potential customers.

Google Trends for Websites

Google Trends for websites is similar to Google Trends, but it’s specifically designed for tracking website traffic and identifying emerging trends. The tool allows you to learn more about the general activity surrounding your website with data covering topics such as search volume, keyword optimization, social media impact, and geographical location. You can also learn how well your website is performing compared to competitors with tools that track unique visitors, returning customers, and bounce rates. This valuable information can help you determine which types of products are selling best on your site so you can focus your marketing efforts to grow sales.

6 Tools That Can Help Your Business Grow

These tools will help marketers save time while using tried-and-true techniques to improve customer engagement and interaction. Since it saves time and money while learning more about customers, these tools are essential for companies of all sizes.