5 Tips For Working College Students

College students are often faced with balancing school, work, and social life. But it doesn’t have to be so difficult to take on all of these tasks. Here are five tips that will help you manage the time commitments at school while showing up for your job!

Make a schedule that includes time for all of your commitments

Create a schedule that includes time for studying, sleeping, eating, attending class and work. It’s important to consider the amount of time you need to spend commuting between your school and work locations as well.

A daily schedule might look something like this:
9 A.M.–1 P.M.: Work
3 P.M.–6 P.M.: Class
6 P.M.-8 P.M.: Socializing/Hanging out
10 P.M.-7 A.M.: Sleep (including commute)

Get enough sleep – this will help you focus and be more productive

To be more productive, you need to make sure that you are getting enough sleep at night. This means not staying up late watching Netflix or scrolling through your Instagram feed (though there’s nothing wrong with those activities in moderation).

Cut down on the distractions while working — turn off notifications on your phone and computer so that you’re not tempted to check them constantly

With all of the school work, class time, jobs, and socializing, it can be incredibly easy to get distracted from what you’re doing with a quick peek at your phone or an almost subconscious check of your email.

However, this can lead to a reduction in productivity and reduce the quality of work you’re doing. Turning off these distractions while working will help you focus more on the task at hand and increase your overall productivity.

If possible, keep a job or internship while still in school

This is one of those sacrifices that may seem difficult at first but is worth it in the long run for multiple reasons. Adding another source of income to college students’ lives isn’t always easy since they are juggling so much between their classes and social lives (among other things). But if there’s a way to find still time for having fun with friends and having a job or internship during the school year, those students who are willing to put in the extra effort reap huge benefits.

This can include paying for their room and board at college, travel expenses for spring break, another semester abroad, etc.

Find a source of encouragement – whether it’s from within yourself or from an outside source like family members or friends who support you

Sometimes we all need someone to motivate us when putting it all together seems too difficult. Having someone tell us that we can do it will help us push ourselves to work hard towards getting our goals accomplished and learn how necessary self-motivation is along the way. If you don’t have anyone in your life that encourages you, it’s always possible to find inspiration within yourself to keep going. A service like rapidessay could be a great start.

In the end, college students are faced with many challenges and balancing school, work, and social life can be one of them. However, with the right mindset and careful planning, time management is possible for anyone!