4 Uses of Social Media Sites for Promoting Your Products

4 Uses of Social Media Sites for Promoting Your Products
4 Uses of Social Media Sites for Promoting Your Products

Gone are the days of suited mad men in board rooms, seeking to profit from crazy and innovative billboard ads as they stare out from a 90th floor multimillion dollar office room in NYC. We welcome and embrace the start-up culture as promotions and marketing silently became an integral part of businesses. Yes, you have to do it and you have to do it better than the others to stay in the game and no, your expenses will not amount to 6 figures . The fast-paced, ever-so-growing world is right in your fingertips, or prancing on your palm or, even better, resting in your pocket – connectivity is not an issue, and reaping benefits are you and I. Besides the average day interactions, greater connectivity and the magic of Internet has made business and profit easier.

With the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram blurring the border lines and uniting customers and businesses under one umbrella of connectivity, it is important for entrepreneurs to understand the use of social media and applying innovative ways to reach out to potential customers. While there are many ways to go about it, there are 4 things entrepreneurs should consider before designing that perfect campaign.

1. Information is key

Information works both ways, and any form of asymmetry is a silver bullet. It is important to detail the products out when you are presenting them. This requires you to fully understand your own promotion campaign. Any average Joe can promote a product, but you need to be able to track your target demography and cater your campaign accordingly. Therefore, placement of “Share” option is important. As an entrepreneur, you need to decide whether the Facebook or Twitter or any other social media Share options should be placed on the side, at the bottom or at the top – whatever it is, make the options more visible and attractive to increases the amount of shares of your website. Customers are always friendly, and they do like to share with their friends and families. Hence, tracking greater share counts from Google Analytics can easily give you a picture of your targeted demography and most accepting audience, helping you to build your promotion campaigns better by understanding the customers you are enticing. This means, by understanding your interaction, you are catering your promotional content, crafting those perfect sentences with the perfect words and gaining more sales leverage.

2. A heavy presence

Acknowledge the online marketplace for products and reap out the benefits. There are millions of users on networks like Facebook and Twitter, and all of them are your potential customers. Having your own website is great, and appearing high on Google searches are even better but nothing spreads word and assert presence than a social media account. Dissemination of information becomes easy and news spread faster than wildfire. Further, sponsor your promotional posts for a few dollars and drill into different demographics – social media network enables you to explore and target anew!

3. Videos work the charm

There are heavy rewards hiding behind video ads . Not only does it attract more customers and lure them in, but it helps to present your product up-close and establish a sense of intimacy with your customers. As the huge market demography shifted from viewing the tele to having a social media presence, incorporating promotional videos for products should be one of the topmost priorities for you as an entrepreneur. You can host these videos on your website or host them upload them from your Facebook page. Easier, and more convenient, option is to upload on your YouTube account. This way, you can embed the video on your website and just simply post the link on your Facebook page. This also means that you get to make millions of YouTube users aware of your product and in return, you get easy streaming facilities on all promotional platforms.

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4. Customers and their minds

Just because you have a Facebook page and you share YouTube links from your account does not ensure you better promotion and greater sales. Keep in mind that these sites are networking opportunities, and they designed their platforms to encourage responsive behavior. Therefore, interaction with your customers is a quintessential need. You need to keep your customers engaged with your products and ensure they do not bounce away from your page, or you get lost somewhere in their home feed. For example, if you are selling vaporizer pens , it’s a good idea to promote your products and engage through providing informative and high quality articles, picture or video contents on your social media pages. Greater interaction also means you appear more on their feed. Try meaningful tweets or ask a question on Facebook – always be on the look out to attract their attention – never go away from their sight!