3 Reasons Why Cloud Will Be More Secure And Efficient In 2020

3 Reasons Why Cloud Will Be More Secure And Efficient In 2020

Cloud computing has revolutionised the business sector since its introduction. However, it hasn’t always been known for its security. Even private cloud networks have been plagued by security issues over the years. In 2020, developments within the technology are set to make it much more secure and cloud providers are really stepping up in their game

Here, you’ll discover 3 ways the cloud will be more secure and efficient as we enter a new decade.

1. Utilising the benefits of MPLS

Businesses can benefit from MPLS technologies, used to connect remote networks. These fully managed cloud solutions, work to direct network traffic, prioritizing important data. It results in faster transmission, as well as providing a higher level of scalability. Perhaps most importantly, if there is a fibre break, an MPLS will automatically reroute traffic and self-heal. This makes networks, such as the cloud, much more secure and efficient.

2. Added investment into security innovation

Recent changes in legislation have contributed to cloud providers investing more in security. This is showing no signs of slowing down in 2020. There are a lot of start-ups specialising in online security, allowing providers the opportunity to strengthen their security by investing in new solutions.

They are also starting to invest in more secure networks. While once viewed as an unnecessary expense, these networks are now being seen as a necessary and important investment. There are more security options available now than ever before.

3. Increased talent

Up until now, there has been a big skills gap in cloud computing. However, in 2020 there is set to be an influx of new talent entering the market. This is thanks to increased demand within cloud computing. The cost of hiring specialists has also put businesses off investing into their cloud networks. Now though, they are seeing the benefits skilled professionals can provide, especially in terms of security.

These are just three ways cloud computing is getting more secure in 2020. Businesses are also starting to realise that it is their responsibility to protect privileged access within a hybrid cloud, rather than the responsibility of the provider. This means they are looking into independent solutions to improve their network security.

Cloud computing can provide many great benefits to businesses today. However, care needs to be taken in terms of security. If you want to take advantage of the cloud in 2020, it’s important to choose networking solutions you can trust, as well as invest in security innovations.