3 Fantastic Ways To Boost Your Business Online

3 Fantastic Ways To Boost Your Business Online

It’s a very turbulent time for businesses, with so much uncertainty making it near to impossible to make long term plans.

And with less people out and about, there’s an onus on business owners to tighten up their online operations so they can continue to connect with and provide value to customers working from home.

So for those of you who are unsure as to where best to focus your efforts, here are three fantastic ways to boost your business online.

1. Social media

With various social distancing restrictions in place, social media has now more than ever become a place of solace for consumers, which means now’s the time for your business to develop a strong social media presence.

However, you shouldn’t view social media as a place to push sales, especially during this difficult period – doing so could paint your brand in a bad light. Instead, your focus should be on connecting with customers and producing content that supports and uplifts them.

This could be a blog with tips for working from home or a series of gifs that provide a bit of light relief, whatever your audience needs during this time – if you’re not sure, ask them.

For more detail on operating your business social media channels in the current climate, take a look at this blog by social media firm 99social.

2. Video

Video allows you to follow the golden rule of ‘show, don’t tell’, because rather than boasting about your brand and its offering with corny straplines and lively product descriptions, video allows you to authenticate your claims.

For example, you can record satisfied clients talking about their experience with your brand and share this content on your website, social media and emails.

Another great idea is to create a company story video that introduces your brand to prospective customers and helps foster a sense of trust that gives you an edge over your competitors.

You can’t afford to cut corners with video though, otherwise it could undermine your entire brand. So if you’re lacking the expertise, consider working with a video specialist such as Glasgow-based firm SNS Group.

3. Local SEO

Visibility is everything when you’re operating online, without it, your savvy social content and awesome videos will end up buried beneath those of your competitors.

This is where local SEO comes in, it helps you boost your search engine rankings in location-based searches (e.g. takeaways near me). There are loads of local SEO tactics you can use, however a good place to start is by claiming your Google My Business Listing.

If you already have one, make sure it’s up to date to reflect your current operations, for example, that your physical stores are closed but you’re operating online. You can also use your profile to showcase your latest content, like that helpful non-salesy lifestyle blog we mentioned earlier.

Final thoughts

It’s an uncertain time for businesses right now, however, one thing that remains the same is that your customers need you.

Follow our advice and you’ll be able to boost your online presence and continue to offer them the support they require.

That’s our list! Share your thoughts in the comments section.