3 Reasons You Might Need to Hire a Generator

Direct power supplies are vulnerable and may not even be available in many areas you have in mind for your site, whether you’re looking to host an event or power a construction site. Even if you have power supplies, can you be sure they are reliable enough to cope with the demands you will place on them? If you want to be sure that you will always have power, have a backup for emergencies, or need something you can rely on if your national grid power supply fails, you will need a generator for hire.

Why hire?

Choosing to hire one is often the sensible solution. You use it when you need it and do not have to worry about maintenance and storage when you don’t. It will give you access to generators with a choice of outputs to match your likely consumption needs for far less cost than purchasing a new or even preloved one.

Time and service matters

Power outages can not only be costly, but they can also damage your reputation and leave your construction site or event unable to function. Having a generator ready to go will ensure minimal disruption or service downtime if your primary source becomes damaged. It may be the only power you have to make your event or build run smoothly and safely, so you want to be sure it is delivered on time, working and ready to go. However, remote your location.

Better than wires or batteries

Events need reliable power supplies, lighting, catering equipment and site safety demand it. Imagine being faced with potentially thousands of visitors left in the dark if your power supply fails. It could not only leave you open to being sued for injuries, but it will also ruin your event and reputation. Having reliable generators from a reputable supplier is the answer.

You can only rely on batteries for so long. Small batteries die quickly and need electrical power to recharge them. A generator can provide the ideal reliable backup quickly and easily. The last thing a construction manager needs is a power failure. Constantly under pressure to deliver a build on time and budget, being sidelined by a simple power outage can mean they lose many man-hours or even face injury to their workforce if they are not ready with backup to step in.

Avoiding trailing wires and floor cables or running extension sockets to control your lighting and equipment can be a health and safety nightmare, especially when working in a public area or in high vehicle traffic. Multiple generators situated close to where the power is needed can remove much of the need for excessive cabling, remove trip hazards and avoid damage that weather and traffic can cause.

A cost-effective solution

Portable generators are a cost-effective way to get power to remote locations, areas without a national grid supply, or event managers hosting a temporary event or festival. They give you peace of mind and remove the need to worry about what might happen if you damage an underground power cable. If you need electricity in multiple locations but only have one power source or want protection from untimely power cuts, you would be wise to have portable generators waiting to step in.

With petrol and diesel options available and various power outputs, it is easy to match your energy needs. Hiring rather than buying is often the most economically sensible choice to immediately get what you want.

Ensure you use a reputable company when selecting a generator for hire and that you know the safety aspects. This way, you could ensure you have complete peace of mind, reliable service and support should you need it. A company offering many facilities, such as toilet hire and welfare cabins, can mean you only have one company to deal with rather than multiple which could work to make your job easier.