Top 3 High-Tech Bikes Of The Future

Following the UK governments ban on fossil fuel cars in 2020, there has been an influx of electric cars and motorbikes coming onto the market ahead of the 2030 deadline. Historically, motorbikes have been considered as diesel-guzzling machines with limited technology, but this is not the case anymore.

Long gone are the low-tech bikes, and in their place are a raft of modern bikes packed with tech. For example, bike manufacturers such as ZERO are manufacturing a whole range of modern luxuries that you usually only get with cars. ZERO’s new Cyber III boasts an operating system that brings in Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control and a multitude of data onto the TFT dash. Not only this, but it features USB charging ports, LED lighting, storage space, a fly screen, heated grips, and aluminum bar ends.

Of course, they aren’t the only ones. We’ve rounded up our top 3 electric bikes that are paving the way for new technology when it comes to motorbikes.


Top 3 electric bikes

  • Cake Kalk INK

If you’re looking for something a bit different for your off-road endeavors, this Swedish brand might just be for you. An affordable yet silent option packed with the latest technology, if you prefer to ride off-road it’s a perfect option.

If you’re looking for speed and style, this model is a great option. Innovative by nature, this model features the lightest, most powerful battery ever fitted to an electric motorcycle.

Even better still, the Ribelle is packed to the brim with the latest equipment so you can be one step ahead of the curve.

No list of motorbikes would be complete without a reference to Harley Davidson. Known worldwide for their unique motorbikes, they’ve now made the plunge and released their first ever electric motorbike, and we’re here for it.

Packed with technology, the bike has a FTF dashboard with Bluetooth connectivity and a fast charge battery which can be charged in just one hour.

Priced towards the higher end of the market, this motorcycle rivals the Energica Eva Ribelle but just has the edge when it comes to tech.

What bike should I buy?

All of our top 3 motorbikes are well worth their salt. Each electric bike still packs a punch when it comes to power, with most reaching speeds in excess of 125 mph.

If you prefer to ride off-road, then the clear winner is the Swedish Cake Kalk INK. Lightweight, innovative and affordable, it’s perfect for dirt biking.

If you’re after something to roadworthy, then either the Livewire or Ribelle are a safe bet. In terms of technology, Harley Davidson’s Livewire has a slight edge, perfect if you’re looking for the latest smart technology.

If you’re looking to add a new electric bike to your collection, we would highly suggest purchasing comprehensive multibike insurance, to protect you against all eventualities. There are some great options on the market that provide excellent cover whilst also saving you time and money.