3 Essential Elements to Remember When Buying Lifting Hooks for Cranes

3 Essential Elements to Remember When Buying Lifting Hooks for Cranes
3 Essential Elements to Remember When Buying Lifting Hooks for Cranes

Are you looking forward to increasing the productivity and the safety of your cranes? Well, in this case, you need to explore quality lifting hooks for cranes. Now, choosing the right lifting hook can be quite a challenge so we will give you the key criteria to follow when selecting your lifting hook.

Things to remember when buying lifting hooks for cranes

Watch out the ton capacity

When buying the lifting hook, you should keep an eye on the ton capacity. Ideally, the hook should be able to lift about 2.5 to 25 tones.

Should make use of an effective load lifting mechanism

When you are about to buy lifting hooks for cranes, then you need to gain in-depth insight into the load lifting mechanism they offer. For example, you can consider opting for hooks that have a magnet attached in the lower section.

The benefit of opting for these hooks is that when the magnet reaches the load, then it can easily attract the sling and position it. Once the operator decides to click on the push-button, the hook can close with ease.

It can catch the load with ease, and the load can be lifted without an issue. Before buying the lifting hook, you should also check out if it can pick the loads and release them remotely. The reason is that when handling procedures are reduced, then it helps to enhance the security of the hook.

When buying lifting hooks, you should look for a magnetic system that is formed by 32 neodymium magnets. The reason is that these magnets are arranged in a precise configuration. This is why these magnets can easily generate a magnetic field with three explicit functions. These functions are attracted and center the masterlink. Another function offered by neodymium magnetsis oriented the masterlink.

Another thing to look for when buying lifting hooks for cranes is that you should go for hooks that have the configuration option.

Check out  if the lifting hook has a position encoder

You should look for lifting hooks that come up with a position encoder. These position encoders offer an added security feature. The benefit of these encoders is that they help to identify the exact position of the hook at any point in time.

Ideally, the status of the hook should be displayed on the remote control. This way the operator can get a fair idea of the real-time information. Apart from security the position encoder also helps to increase the lifespan of the clutch and the motor.

Now, that you have a clear idea about lifting hooks for cranes, you should make sure that you put up your set of questions in detail to the manufacturer. Most of the lifting hook websites do have a contact us page.

You should list down your question on the contact us page, and the manufacturer will get back to you with the answers within 24 to 48 hours. This way you will be confident about the fact that you are buying the right item.