2017: What Technological Advances Will We See In Science?

2017: What Technological Advances Will We See In Science?

A few decades ago, the world was dominated by speculative fiction from writers like Philip K Dick and Margaret Atwood. They were the kind of books which described grandiloquent visions of flying cars, jet packs made of DNA, self-opening tins of Spam, and mobile telephones which doubled up as shower curtains.

But as information technology took over the reins in the mid-seventies, there was a shift in technological aspirations. We stopped dreaming of luxury robots which would complete all our chores for us and began looking at more practical ideas which would help us in the realms of business and science.

These have ranged from the bland to the bizarre, but this shift in focus also gifted us technology like the internet, which would never have existed if the military industrial complex hadn’t muscled its way into the technological markets.

Discussing all the technological advancements that will impact us in 2017 is a herculean task that we could never fit into a short business article. So, instead, let’s focus on one industry that’s set to make leaps and bounds this year – science.

The science industry is benefiting from mountains of new tech over the next 12 months. Let’s take a look at just a few. Do you think your business could benefit with a few of these investments?

PH testing devices – Technological Advances Will We See In Science?

One of the most basic parts of science, testing the PH levels in water or soil, is also the most important. You’ll have learned this simple act in your first year of secondary school, but that doesn’t mean the process can’t be refined.

We’ve been excited by the advancements that scientific tools company King Scientific have been making in the field of PH testing, offering a vast range of products that are precise and, unlike a lot of tools in a laboratory, won’t set your company’s wallet alight.

Nano Batteries – Technological Advances Will We See In Science?

The size of the batteries in your mobile phone or MP3 player probably doesn’t leave you lying awake at night, but scientists have been busy crafting batteries which improve the efficiency and energy-storage abilities of your products, providing you with more power for longer.

It’s not an easy task, but 2017 could prove to be the year when scientists make their breakthrough in nano batteries. According to the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) journal Nano Letters, a technological leap forward could be just around the corner, so let’s keep our eyes peeled.

DNA Neural Networks – Technological Advances Will We See In Science?

Researchers built DNA neural networks that can ‘think’ in 2011, a concept that’s still baffling to anyone who doesn’t have a science degree, and they’ve spent years perfecting the concept. Research into the application of these networks is still ongoing, but 2017 could see the idea of ‘thinking’ DNA diagnosing diseases in your body become an actuality.

The sciences are a broad church with almost infinite possibilities. If you’ve got a hot tip on how the industry will evolve over the next 12 months, let us know in the comments below.