How To Design A Business Card That Promotes Your Social Business

How To Design A Business Card That Promotes Your Brand
How To Design A Business Card That Promotes Your Brand

In today’s digital age, people have turned increasingly to web and social media marketing to promote their businesses. Traditional methods have fallen to the wayside—not least among them the business card. Of the 27.4 million business cards printed every week, 88% wind up in the garbage. But what about the other 12 percent? These are the successful cards—the ones that boost sales, create amazing work relationships, and turn prospects into clients.

You may think that only one in ten business cards does its job because of the prevalence of online marketing. The truth is, most business cards fail not because they’re being beat out by digital marketing trends—they fail because they’re just crummy designs. Your prospective clients won’t want to keep a cheap (or just plain ugly) card on their desk.

A business card isn’t just a quick way to convey contact information. It’s often the first part of your brand identity that a potential client or partner sees. A bad design will repel people like oil on water. An outstanding design will make a positive impression because it showcases your company’s culture in a tangible way.

So how do you design a business card that promotes your brand? You’ll need to consider not only your company’s goals and values, but also your target audience. For instance, many business owners make the mistake of slathering contact information on both sides of the card. That’s a bad move, because it gives their potential clients an overload of options. Instead, select contact information based on where your audience is most active—so if they prefer social media, direct them to your social profiles.

Choosing contact information is only the first step. Company Folders created a graphic that has honed in on the other seven steps to creating the perfect business card and even come up with some cool, unconventional examples. Read on to learn how you can create your own unique business card design.

Infographic by Company Folders