12 Online Tools to Prepare for MBA Essay Writing

12 Online Tools to Prepare for MBA Essay Writing
12 Online Tools to Prepare for MBA Essay Writing

Guest Post by Gloria Kopp

Writing essays is nobody’s favourite thing to do but when it comes to passing your MBA the pressure can really pile up. When you take that first introductory essay into account the pressure can be enough to crush you. Here are 12 online tools that will prepare you for passing your MBA.


The official website of the GMAT test comes with some really helpful tools to help you prepare to pass the examination. Tools include free software that can simulate the actual testing experience.


This website is more of a social network than endless pages of text. They put you in touch with other people who are also going through their MBAs too and let you share what you have learned across the globe. Half the benefit of an MBA program is networking and through this service you could find opportunities that you never imagined existed.


If you want to improve the quality of your writing in general there is nowhere better than this website. Visit their pages of guides to improve your writing and essays permanently. Visit their forums to get hands on advice on improving the specific essay that you are working on.


This editing service is run by people who have already passed the exams that you are sitting. They can take your essay and show you every point of weakness that you are going to have to either correct or defend. It is impossible to catch every mistake yourself and there is no computer program that can do the job like a pair of real human eyes.

Novel Guide

This website provides you with free study guides on pretty much every subject under the sun. It is set up in a way that lets you share your own advice and essays too.

Teen Ink

This website collects all of the best college essays on every subject and displays them for you to study. There is no finer collection of MBA essays anywhere on the internet.


This website explains the importance of your introductory essay to getting accepted into the MBA program of your choice. MBA’s are all about winners. Accepted shows you how to display all of your achievements in the very best light.


This website mixes up all the assistance of an editing service and a sample essay repository, they were originally exclusive to Australia, hence the bouncy name, but now offer their services to students worldwide. Despite their humble beginnings they now offer their services to students anywhere in the world, speaking any language.

Veritas Prep

While there are other programs that will mimic the online GMAT exam, this one will adapt to whatever device you are on, meaning that you can keep on practising wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Sitting in your home or commuting across town.


Citation is the bane of many a college essay. Using Questia you can easily find and track your sources using their extensive online academic library. This means that you no longer have to lug about those massive tomes or spend all of your time in the campus library.


There is no easier way to study for the GMAT than to use flashcards and there is nowhere better to get free, downloadable and printable flash cards than Cram. You can create your own flashcards with your own information, you can use the flashcards that other people have created and you can even upload your flashcards for other people to use in their studies.


Managing your time is vital in business and it is vital in your MBA program. Using a simple, cleanly designed to-do application like TeuxDeux you can keep track of all the things that you need to get done in the day and you get the little buzz of satisfaction when you tick each one of those items off your list. It can be set up weeks in advance and altered on the fly as your plans change.

Using these simple to use online tools you can not only pass your MBA program, you can advance your grades and future career to the next level.