10 Facts To Know About Driving on a Suspended License in CA & Why You Should Hire a Lawyer

10 Facts To Know About Driving on a Suspended License in CA & Why You Should Hire a Lawyer

The state will suspend a driver’s license for getting a DUI conviction, having a physical or mental disability or accumulating too many points on the driving record. As soon as you lose your license, your first thought should be, “Where can I find traffic lawyers near me to help fight my case?” Here are a few points to familiarize yourself with regarding driving with a suspended license.

  • Driving with a suspended license is a misdemeanor in California.
  • Punishments for driving with a suspended license include huge fines or a county jail sentence.
  • Exact punishment depends on why your license was suspended in the first place. If you have too many points for speeding violations, for example. To avoid speeding tickets, install a radar detector like the one reviewed by ratedradarDetector.
  • You can defend yourself by claiming you had the legal right to drive with that suspended license.
  • Another defense is that the suspension was invalid.
  • The final defense is that you had no prior knowledge your license had been revoked.
  • To prove you had knowledge, these points must be true: You received a notice from the California DMV, the notice was not returned to the DMV as unclaimed and the notice was sent to your most recent address as reported to the DMV.
  • After the suspension ends, you need to actively reinstate your driving privileges.
  • Reinstating your license requires you to prove to the court you finished all probation requirements and took all necessary steps with the DMV.
  • You can obtain a restricted driver’s license when your license is suspended, which will allow you to drive to and from school or work.

Hire a Lawyer as Soon as Your License Is Suspended

You can get your license reinstated sooner than you think by hiring a suspended license lawyer California from The Ticket Clinic. The Ticket Clinic attorneys have a lot of experience representing people in court. Your lawyer will work hard to ensure you do not become inconvenienced and will start as soon as you call 1-800-248-2846.

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