Interview With Kumar Gaurav , Founder of Fin-Tech Company CASHAA

Humaniq faces had the pleasure to interview Kumar Gaurav. Kumar is a serial entrepreneur who has been responsible for building some of the today’s most exciting fin-tech business. He is considered to be one of the 100 most influential people in the world who are leading the evolution of Blockchain. Kumar is the Chairman of Auxesis Group; India’s first enterprise Blockchain company. He also founded Cashaa, a U.K based money transfer platform which enables users to send money without any fee anywhere in the world.

He is also Vice President for Responsible Gold LLC. Auxesis and Cashaa both are ranked among top 100 blockchain companies in the world.Kumar is in the editorial group of top Blockchain media such as CoinTelegraph & Coin Idol and popular international speaker on Blockchain & Bitcoin. He is also the Advisor to Satoshi Studios, an Incubator for Blockchain Startups of Southeast Asia.Kumar Gaurav holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and Masters in Management from Politecnico di Milano. Before he moved into the world of financial technology, he delivered innovative systems for luxury automobile brands like BMW and Ferrari. During his time in Italy, he also co-founded Darwinsurance, the first Italian peer-to-peer insurance company based in Milan.

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