Why Many Have Chosen To Go Back to School During the Pandemic

Education is the bedrock of opportunity. Without continued learning (through a degree program like an MBA, certificate, or otherwise), we tend to become stagnant in our lives, finances, careers, and social development. Education is the core of what makes us unique, special, and interesting. It’s no surprise then that many people have returned to the classroom during the coronavirus pandemic to continue building their skills, analytical and finance chops, and background knowledge in a new or supplementary field.

Whether you work as an accountant or a human resource manager, in sales, or are involved in the research processes at your firm, continued educational achievement is something to take pride in. Enrolling in an MBA or any other degree program is something that will boost your utility when looking for a raise, promotion, or added responsibility in the future.

A new bachelor’s degree, enrollment in business school, or a professional master’s degree (or specialized online MBA at a great business school to supplement your work experience) can give you a new view of the world and broaden your horizons.

Adult students are looking for new skills.

The threats posed by Covid-19 have left the world reeling. The virus is unpredictable and highly contagious, and yet its consequences range in severity from headaches over the course of a few days to prolonged head fog or even death. The pandemic has forced millions of adults in the United States and all over the world to really put some perspective on what they are doing with their lives. One space in which this is evident is in the educational sector.

With new enrollments in professional development, it’s clear that adult learners are looking for new ways to grow in their current roles as well as for structure to boost them into that next promotion of job titles at a new company altogether. Working online has provided a fantastic avenue for growth during this difficult time. With colleges and professional training centers offering distance-based learning solutions during the pandemic, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of flexible collegiate scheduling that can be elusive during the best of times. Start dates for online programs are typically far more forgiving than the traditional coursework they are replacing, so finding the best online MBA program for your needs doesn’t have to be an impossibility.

Another space in which new enrollments are taking off is within the income protection insurance industry. Wage earners needing to provide stability and protection for their families are looking to their finances and seeing a vulnerability that is quite unsettling. Insurance that protects an earner in the event of a prolonged inability to work—for instance a particularly nasty Covid-19 infection.

Add a lifelong credential to your portfolio.

Adult learners are flocking to online MBA offerings in particular. However, finding an MBA that provides the core courses and essential electives to learners without the need for a GMAT or GRE score can be challenging. The structure of an online MBA program gives you the ability to learn at your own pace while engaging with many other students from all across the world and selecting a specialization (like strategic management, organizational behavior, human resources, or international business) that suits your needs. The opportunity to grow as a business professional in one of several online MBA programs no GMAT requirement will be instrumental in your ongoing success. With the addition of a true MBA degree handing on your wall in the office or at your home you can confidently approach new career opportunities in your current company or elsewhere.

In addition, the skills you will take away from your online MBA training are invaluable for helping you to reinvent yourself as a comprehensive professional that can navigate any challenging workplace circumstances. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world rely on the training and connections they built within their MBA program. As an online MBA student you have the unique opportunity to engage with a wide network of teachers and students to begin building a far more comprehensive network that is so crucial to success in the business world.

Take the time to invest in yourself, join the many online learners and prospective students that are doubling down on their future with an online MBA program in corporate finance, international business, or healthcare management.