World’s First ICO Awards Ceremony to be Held in London in December

World’s First ICO Awards Ceremony to be Held in London in December

ICON Awards features the world’s first celebration of the best and brightest in blockchain projects around the world

The world’s First ICO Awards Ceremony to be Held in London in December. The ICON awards single out the best ICO projects from around the world, aiming to reward talent and success for the masterminds behind the projects. The ceremony will happen in London the upcoming December 7.

Why ICON Awards?

In this fast-moving world of crypto projects, its hard to evaluate and recognise success. The amount of capital raised initially is always a good sign of the worthiness of the project, and a number of rating sites help us to assess what best projects are out there. Unfortunately, the so-called experts on these sites may not always be independent and unbiased in their assessments.

That’s the reason why founders Clara Florey of DisPRupter PR and Adam Hill of ICOSofa came up with the idea to recognise and celebrate – through public voting instead of the so-called experts – the best ICOs running globally. They are joined by an in international team of professionals working in this area including Jillian Godsil (Dublin), Peter Kristensen (Florida) Pedro Borges (São Paulo) and Oliver Cheatham (New York).

Florey explains: “In this fast-moving world of ICOs there was nothing to mark the success of projects in a professional sense. Yes, there is the capital raised – always a good sign. Yes, there were any number of rating sites, but it seems as if the experts could be persuaded to rate favourites.”

 The ICON Awards offers  the most transparent and immutable way for individual investors, partners, suppliers and fans to vote for the best crypto projects and people without any ‘expert’ interference. In short, its participatory democracy at work.

The ceremony will feature 20 different categories in total, each one rewarded with its respective award: Finance; Healthcare; Energy/Utilities; Gaming AR/VR/Entertainment; Media/Content/Advertising Social Networks; Commerce/Retail; Education/Music/Arts; Social Impact; Charity; Professional Services Security/Identity/Verification; Best ICO Advisor (individual); Best Marketing Campaign; Best Fund; Best Consultancy (company); Best CEO; Best Young CEO (under 30) and Best B2B ICO.

Finally, there is one more reward to be awarded at the ceremony, for the most voted ICO overall. The lucky winner will take home the most prestigious prize which the ICON, 2018

Getting your project as a nominee at the ICON Awards 

For those companies that might be interested in participating, entry costs are only £150 per project and category. Current sponsors of the awards include Mogu, ICOSofa, Akoin, JOINto, Blocknubie, C6 Advisors & Cloutel, but more will be announced later on.

And if being rewarded with an ICON award wasn’t enough, there are lots of reasons why ICO projects enter the awards – most compellingly:

  1. Being nominated means unbelievable international exposure before, during
    and after the event.
  2. The ICON Awards team will provide you with a free promotional pack to be used to promote your nomination (enabling you to increase awareness of your success to your fans & investors, and to reach new audiences)
  3. The ICON Awards team will provide you with also with a free promotional pack to be used to get your databases and followers on social media to vote for them (making it easy for you to gather votes in recognition of your project)

Even if your project doesn’t win, the registration fee gets you an incredible exposure to an estimated 12.5 million people across traditional media, email and social media. Participating in it also grants to nominated projects and people free visibility within an audience of crypto investors, practitioners and enthusiasts, as well as formal recognition of success to share with your investors, partners, suppliers and fans.

On the other side of the coin, if your project is lucky enough to win, your project could be featured in premium publications such as the Financial Times, Bloomberg, the Guardian and many, many others. Likewise, the receipt of the award will be streamed live to thousands of crypto investors and enthusiasts around the world, and the company and its project will be featured in digital and print communications to over 5 million people affiliated with the ICON Awards.

The ICON Awards will be held on December 7 th in London. Hosted by a celebrity mystery guest, the inaugural ICON Awards Ceremony will be a glamorous affair with the who’s who of crypto rubbing shoulders in a sophisticated mystery location in London.

20 Awards will be given out including the ultimate ICON Winner. Tickets are limited and priced at £1,750 for a table of ten or £225 for an individual ticket, and can be purchased here.