What To Do When You Can’t Find A Job in UK?

What to do when you can’t find a job in UK?

It’s tough when you’re trying to find a job with no avail. Are you struggling to find any legal jobs in London? All jobs – from accounting jobs to tax advisor work – are hard to find, and remember the competition is high and you need to stand out from the crowd.

You’ve sent off hundreds of CVS, you mastered the art of application writing, you’re ready and willing to commit yourself to a new job… but still no job offers. What do you do now?

Here are some things to consider that will hugely benefit your situation when you can’t get a job.

Re-work your CV

Make sure your CV is consistently updated. If you’re not hearing back from employers after sending off your CV, something isn’t quite right. You need to constantly read over your CV to showcase your work experience as well as fine comb any errors or examples of bad writing out of it.

A good CV needs to be executed with simplicity, authenticity and flair. Employers will be turned off by go to “I’m a team player, but also work well alone” clichés.

Make sure your cover letters are up to scratch

Under no circumstances can you send out the same cover letter to all the jobs you apply for.

The name of the game here is – tailoring. You need to make your cover letters unique to each job. Employers can smell a mass send job application a mile off and won’t appreciate the lack of effort you’ve taken to address them and their company personally. Your job applications will appear vague, wishy-washy and unimpressive.

Again, the key is authenticity. Take your time with each cover and let the job description inform what you write. It’ll take more time but the outcome will be worth it.

Utilise social networking

Social media is becoming an increasingly important tool when it comes to getting a job. Having your name on all career-orientated platforms such as Linked-In makes it easy for you to pop up on the radar of potential employers. Utilise every social media avenue you can to get noticed!

Make sure your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are clean and free from anything that could be deemed offensive as this could put employers off your job application.

Keep yourself busy

During your search for a job make sure you don’t fall into a slump. Keep yourself busy with friends, family and hobbies. There are perks to being temporarily unemployed, you now have a bit of time to relax and catch up with life admin.

Not only will this mindset make you feel better, but positivity and a calm disposition are what employers seek out in candidates.

Don’t be hard on yourself

The anxieties of unemployment are a lot to handle, but make sure you don’t let the stress get to you or knock your confidence. Everyone has been in this position and people always find a way out of it. Take this period of time as a chance to self-reflect and self-perfect.

Start working now

If you’re feeling hopeless about getting a job, this guide will help propel you into the momentum you need to stand out from the rest. Use this as a starting point for your journey of self-perfection. There are always current legal vacancies available to apply for, one of them will surely be the one for you. Good luck!