Want a 5% Yield From Your IT Investments in 2018?

Want a 5% Yield From Your IT Investments in 2018?

With so many investment opportunities in the IT space, it is difficult to pick the industries that will evolve into winners. The IT space is notorious for hype and speculation. Even though wealth can be gained, there is also a high risk of things imploding. In the following post, we’ve covered a few industries that should provide winning investments in 2018.


The popularity of cryptocurrencies has dominated the financial headlines, with more vendors, institutions and government organisations recognising the currency for legal tender. Bitcoin is the leader of the pack, recently hitting a record-high of $5,000 per bitcoin. The popularisation of the currency has turned many of the early adopters of the currency into millionaires. It’s also contributed to the emergence of new industries, such as Bitcoin mining.

There’s a fear that the Cryptocurrency revolution may be a bubble that will pop. It has many in the financial services industries worried, since the currency isn’t regulated by traditional authorities.

There’s a lot of people investing in cryptocurrencies due to the speculation. This area of cryptocurrencies risks being a financial bubble similar to the dot com boom. However, it is likely that Bitcoin will continue to be adopted and used to trade in the ecommerce space in the future.

Facebook stock

Facebook has had a mighty run for the last decade and a half, with a successful IPO launch that catapulted its founder Mark Zuckerberg into the spotlight and ascended his financial pedestal to that of a billionaire. Many other owners of the stock also became millionaires, and the public wanted to ride the financial wave of success as well.

The popularity of Facebook has been waning over the past few years. Although people still use the platform, it’s engagement rate has been decreasing across mature markets and it’s users have been growing frustrated with the heavy commercialisation of the platform.

Since its IPO launch, the stock has risen over 70% over the past 5 years. The stock has recently fallen, but is still on track to maintain a steady growth as long as it can retain its users.

Investing in Facebook stock is more of a “safe bet” rather than going for high capital growth. With social networks, there’s always the risk that their user base will migrate elsewhere, leaving the social network with nothing else than a shell. Social network Bebo experienced this after they initially sold their business for $850 million, only to buy back the company for $1 million. A similar thing happened with former social media giant MySpace.

Search engines

Google continues to lead the pack in the search engine space, and it’s revenue, equity value and profits continue to rise year after year. The 2016 revenue was over 90 billion dollars and it’s stock price has soared to over $1000 a share. Investing in Google Alphabet may prove to be a winner.

Yahoo was bought by Verizon under Atlaba Inc and has seen a resurgence in since its takeover. The takeover has combined Verizon’s mobile service with the search engine, which will trigger future growth for the search engine.

Printer hardware

Printing hardware isn’t as sexy as the new finTech, but it is still a huge global market that will only continue to grow in size and wealth. Most notably, ink cartridges offer the biggest growth potential, with at least 50 million ink cartridges being sold globally.

There are several money making opportunities available in the IT space, although it can be challenging to demystify real wealth-generating opportunities. These 4 industries should provide a safe platform to make sound IT-related investments that will yield growth in your investment portfolio.