The Use of The Mobile in the Cars is Not Dangerous

The mobile phone is a day-to-day work tool for everyone. But it is not the best if you are driving and using it, since traffic regulations do not allow the use of mobile phones in the car.

Here are some tricks to make good use of your mobile phone in the car:

  1. Hook the phone to a car holder

The correct and comfortable thing is to get into the car and place our mobile phone in the car holder. So we have it subject in a visible place, without obstructing our angle of vision when driving. At the same time, we can use it for navigation, without having to touch it or get distracted while driving.

There are different models of car cell phone holder products and you have probably tried the vast majority of them. The ones that we recommend are magnetic car mounts. A system that we only find advantages, since it is to enter the car, pass the device over it and it stays stuck. It is compatible with different Smartphone models of the best brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, among others.

The case with magnetic holder for car is very easy to use, as it consists of a magnetic clip that is hooked on the vents of the car and simply, placing the case with the mobile above the clip, the mobile is held. To extract it, just pull the phone.

We believe that it is an interesting support, since it is very small and discreet and there are different colors to choose from. The products are tested in the same factory where the magnets incorporated in the support are produced and do not damage electronic devices thanks to an iron incorporated in the case, which stops the magnetic field and protects the mobile. Interested? You can find various car cell phone holders in DHgate!

2.Use bluetooth or hands-free:

In order not to make use of the mobile phone every time we receive a call, we can proceed with the installation of a hands-free unit in our car or the configuration of our vehicle’s own bluetooth if it already has it incorporated. In this way, we can enjoy all the phone calls, while driving, without having any risk and keeping our hands on the wheel. This advice will allow you to avoid different fines, both financial and with points.

  1. Use navigation applications:

Years ago, we guided ourselves through guides and maps on our travels. But with the introduction of the mobile phone in our lives, everything has become more simplified. Now simply by entering an address, the name of a specific place or some coordinates, the Smartphone directs us to the place we have requested, with a very small margin of error. These mobile devices, in a short time have replaced GPS navigators.

Also, it gives us real-time information on the state of the roads and traffic, being able to recalculate the route if necessary to reduce travel time and reach our destination earlier.

There are different navigation applications from the mobile, some are free and are installed on the mobile, others are paid, for having extras.

  1. Extend the life of your phone:

It is advisable to acquire an external battery for your mobile device, if it is subjected to different times of the day to use navigation applications, since they are applications that consume a lot of battery.

  1. Do not use your mobile to check notifications:

As we have already seen, driving and being aware of the mobile is not compatible or safe, so we must avoid manipulating our device during the journey. We propose some measures to take into account:

-Create a “car mode” environment: we will configure the mobile phone or download an app, so that it responds to our notifications by means of a predetermined message, otherwise we will put it in silent mode and we will not touch the electronic device.

-Avoid chatting while driving or driving: that is, we will not chat at any time if we are driving, but we will not send messages to people who we know are also driving.

-The traffic light is not the best place: even if we are stopped at a traffic light, we are not parked, so we will not be able to take the opportunity to answer any of the notifications that we have on the screen of our device.

-Do not inform yourself: do not take advantage of your moment in the car to start consulting the different information apps or social networks.