A Secretary in Your Pocket: Top Android Apps That Make Life Easier for Every Executive

A Secretary in Your Pocket: Top Android Apps That Make Life Easier for Every Executive
A Secretary in Your Pocket: Top Android Apps That Make Life Easier for Every Executive

As a busy executive, you no doubt have your smartphone at your side all hours of the day. There are plenty of apps that can make your life easier, and here are some of the best available for Android devices.


LinkedIn is THE app for business networking. Your network is crucial as an executive, and LinkedIn is the way to manage it best. Keep up to date with all the latest goings on, make new contacts, hold discussions, find new employees, and more, all from your phone.


Keeping things organized is one of the greatest challenges of an executive. A good note-taking app is essential, and Evernote is the most powerful. Use it for managing your marketing, contacts, finances, networking, plans, etc. Get access to your notes from anywhere, use the powerful search function, manage to-do lists, clip articles, store contacts, sync notes across devices, and lots more.

Weather Live Free

If you travel a lot, you’ll want to know what the weather is up to before you head outdoors. This weather app for Android is one of the best you will find. You can use it to get up-to-the-minute forecasts, as well as the outlook for the next seven days, and it’s essential for busy executives on the road.


CamCard is a great little app for collecting business cards. You probably get handed a lot of business cards, but rather than copying all the details into a database, use this app instead. Just take a picture of the cards, and the app will sort out all the information. You can add notes to it, set a reminder to contact someone, and share cards as well.


This is another useful app for CEOs on the road. When you are planning your business trips, you don’t want to be worrying about all the details. This is the ultimate travel-planning app, and you can use it to forward all of your bookings to the app and keep them in one place. The app will consolidate all the info and will create an itinerary, and it even sends you updates when something changes, like your flight time.


You’ll want to stay in touch with your team wherever you are, and Skype is still hard to beat for this. Get free video calls anywhere in the world, as well as cheap calls to landlines and mobiles. It’s an amazing app, and it’s well worth having on your Android device.

CM Security

This is a great security app, and that’s a good thing seeing as security is more important than ever. You’ll probably have some sensitive info on your phone, and you can use this app for its anti-virus, the privacy cleaner, and more to keep all your data safe.


You’ll also want to follow all the latest news in your industry, and Flipboard makes it easy. Choose the topics you want to follow using this popular news aggregator, read the headlines, and delve deeper into what interests you so you can always stay in the loop.

Keep On Top of Things with These Apps

These Android apps are just a small selection of the best apps available for CEOs. If you want to make life easier whether you are in the office, out networking, or traveling for business, be sure to keep these apps handy.

A guest article by Christopher Ellis. Chris writes for a broad range of business blogs on a variety of topics whether managing cashflow, business travel or technology. He has been in business for himself for many years and has a lot of knowledge to share.