Tying Everything Together: Is Your Online System Properly?

Tying Everything Together: Is Your Online System Properly?
Tying Everything Together: Is Your Online System Properly?

From email marketing to social media marketing and website design to measurement – digital marketing encompasses a lot. Yet, you need most, if not all, of these strategies for your digital marketing campaign to be complete.

We have no problem with that. We, in fact, encourage you to embrace as many of those strategies as possible. It can only be good for your business.

One thing, however, that we want to bring to your attention is the need to tie these strategies together ultimately. To realize more gains with your MSP marketing efforts, you can’t have the email marketing campaign being run separately from the social media campaign or the automation. You need these efforts converging at one point so you can measure with greater ease and maximize your ROI.

But, how do you achieve that? How do you tie everything together? Below are three simple tips to help you get started.

  • Have a plan

Begin by identifying where you want to go; what you want to achieve. Once you know that, you can map out how you want to get there and allocate the resources and time needed to achieve those goals. For instance, if you’re aiming to grow your customer base, you can begin by stating that you want to increase the numbers by say 10,000. Always ensure to be as specific as possible. Then, decide the leading platforms that you’ll use to achieve those figures and how the other platforms will come in. With that covered, you can then proceed to allocate time and resources. Such a plan will help you stay on course without forgetting about some of your marketing platforms.

Another thing that will help you stay focused is settling on a central marketing message. What do you want people to take away from your adverts and promotions? What do you want them to know you for throughout the year? For some businesses, it can be low prices, for others it can be the superior quality of products, and for others, it could be energy-efficiency. Whatever you choose to focus on, having a primary marketing message will help you remain on track at all times. While you can also have secondary messages, you will have one key message tying all your campaigns together.

  • Manage everything from one place

In the past, we’ve seen various software applications being developed to help with social media marketing, email marketing, and so forth. We then also saw software that could help you manage all your social media campaigns from one place. All these were good innovations that made marketing a lot easier. But, now, there are even more exhaustive cross-channel applications that allow you to manage pretty much everything from the same dashboard. Whether it’s lead generation or a retargeting campaign, you’ll be able to do all that from one place. You can even track and measure your progress from within the application. It’s another excellent way to tie everything together.

If you’re serious about bringing your marketing campaigns together, begin with these three tips.