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Node or NodeJS is a V8-based platform that turns JavaScript into a general-purpose language.

When developing in NodeJS, event-driven and asynchronous programming are used. NodeJS greatly expands the possibilities of using the JavaScript language, so it is possible to develop both web server applications and desktop applications on its basis. Also, Node’s built-in npm package manager makes it a lot easier to work with packages and their dependencies in any JavaScript-based development.

We very rarely use NodeJS features for backend development, as we deliberately prefer to develop this part of web applications in Ruby on Rails. But we actively use NodeJS in the creation of applications for the desktop. They make much more simple he work with the frontend. All the pros are available with node js development services by Fireart.

Main characteristics of Node.JS


Open source

Node.js is platform of open source type. As a result the copyright holder has granted various rights to study, edit, and distribute the software to anyone for any purpose.

High scalability

Because of the reason that here is used the event engine, it’s the best variant in a non-blocking response.


The libraries are very advanced and therefore can produce code at a higher speed.

No buffering

Node.js is characterised with a special feature, which means it doesn’t buffer any data.


Since it uses an event looping process, with it can be followed a single threaded model. This helps a single user handle more than one request.


There are async libraries. This is very useful because no need to wait for the API to carry out the sending of a response.

Node.js modules

Node.Js modules represent multiple functions grouped into one or more JS files. All of these modules have a unique context and do not interfere with the work of other modules. These modules enable code reuse and improve usability.

Local modules

Basically they are are created locally by the user or software developer. All such modules can have several functions, grouped into different files and folders. And all the information can be shared across special community. The use is simple and convenient.

External modules

The modules without any problem can be used by downloading them through the Node Package Manager. Moreover, as a rule, these modules are developed by other developers and anyone can use them for free.

The programming of some applications is simplified with such approach, especially when implementing a convenient input-output (I / O) interface, like in Node.js. According to legend, the idea of  creating Node.js came to the author when he saw the file upload bar on Flickr, which did not understand the real percentage of file uploads, that is, it did not have feedback from the browser.

With the proliferation of social networks and other “interactive” sites on the Internet, the demand for Node.js has grown sharply as a platform for applications that respond to user actions: chats, games, collaboration tools. Nowadays the process is simple and the result of use if guaranteed.

Thus, Node.js is an event-driven I / O framework in JavaScript. The technical characteristics of it make applications based on Node.js lightweight and efficient. This explains its immense popularity. It’s perfect solution for healthcare application development.

The development of the language is coordinated by the Node.js Foundation, which is funded by the Linux Foundation’s free projects support program. This is a free distributed project, in the creation of which thousands of developers from all over the world participate at no cost.