Becoming a Pro in HTML: 5 Courses to Take in 2021

The Internet affects every part of our lives, including our behavior as customers. Nowadays, more and more people prefer online shopping, to offline shopping. Therefore, every business needs a website. And this site has to be created, filled, promoted, and developed by skilled professionals.

So, web developers are one of the most in-demand specialists today. No doubt, HTML courses are the fastest and easiest way to master this craft. We’ve collected the 5 best frontend courses to help you make your choice. 

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Introduction to Web Development on Coursera

Take a look at this course if you are starting your journey in the field of web development and design. After completing it, you will understand the structure and capabilities of the World Wide Web. You will also learn how to create pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and choose the appropriate web hosting. Besides, thanks to this course, you can prepare yourself for more advanced training programs.

Learn HTML on Codeacademy

You need only 9 hours to complete this course, which is made up of four blocks: elements and structure, tables, forms, and semantic HTML. To showcase your skills, you’ll work on such projects as: 

  • Fashion blog to check your knowledge of HTML basics;
  • Wine festival schedule to use your expertise in HTML tables;
  • Story to use your proficiency in HTML forms.

To test your knowledge, you can also complete three quizzes (introduction to HTML, HTML tables, and document standards).

CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science on edX

This is one of the best introductory courses in programming fundamentals and computer science from Harvard University. All materials are available for free. However, if you want to receive the official verified certificate after completing the course, you’ll need to pay $199. Later, you can add it to your CV or post it on your LinkedIn account.

The course lasts for 12 weeks and includes not only HTML but also C, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and CSS. As part of the course, you get access to lectures, practical assignments, videos, additional materials, and online chat support. You will learn about algorithms, abstraction, encapsulation, data structures, web development, software engineering, and other topics as well.

HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best Practices on edX

With this intermediate course, you’ll get proficient in HTML5 coding techniques, allowing you to create websites, web pages, and apps in a very simple way. Its length is 6 weeks and it will take you approximately 6-8 hours per week. 

The program covers such topics as HTML5 basics and forms features, audio and video tags, web graphics as well as animations and APIs. The course is free and the original certificate costs $199.

HTML5 Apps and Games on edX

HTML5 Apps and Games is a follow-up of the previous course, mentioned above. Its level is advanced and the goal is to empower you to design and provide innovative online services. 

This course is a great choice for you if:

  • You want to create amazing apps and content, using HTML5 techniques;
  • Go on studying HTML5-based APIs;
  • Explore such topics as Web components, audio for games and music as well as advanced multimedia.

To make your learning more practical, you will examine interactive examples, work on development projects and even create an HTML5 game.

Basically, on edX, you can find a package of 5 training courses, named Front-End Web Developer. During the courses from the World Wide Web Consortium, you will gain all the necessary skills to create an interactive and flexible user interface on the Internet.

Here are the main advantages of the Front-End Web Developer course package:

  • You will learn how to develop websites using the most modern standards;
  • You will encode using HTML5 tags, create and animate web graphics;
  • You will study the leading techniques for web design and basics for developing applications;
  • You will improve your knowledge of the three main languages that power the web: HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

The full price of the 5 training courses is $895.50.

Final Thoughts

The work of the HTML developers is hard to underestimate. It ensures the correct display of the site on various devices as well as the page loading speed. So, if you are good at creating websites, you will surely find a well-paid job. 

Many companies allow their IT specialists to work remotely, and this gives you the opportunity to move freely around the city, country, or all over the globe. 

Besides, even if you plan to build a career in other IT areas, you will definitely need HTML coding, no matter what programming language you choose.