Top 5 Quotes That Best Describe Cryptocurrencies

Top 5 Quotes That Best Describe Cryptocurrencies

It’s pretty hard to imagine the world without cryptocurrencies anymore. These digital assets have become such large parts of millions of peoples’ lives that the world would have been a completely different and less innovative place without them.

However, we all know that Bitcoin and all the other coins were not always this popular, nor were they this beloved in the past. Now that 90% of people who know about cryptos have only positive remarks to make about the technology, in the past, it was the other way around.

This makes these positive remarks even more believable and legitimate because people got to change their minds by directly experiencing what Bitcoin and the blockchain itself could do.

Over the years, the industry produced experts in the field who manage to predict the near future of the technology or contribute to that future altogether. And thanks to our connected digital culture in the world, we get to see these people say something about blockchain that clicks much differently than anyone else would.

Because of this, we gathered a small top 5 list of quotes from market experts or enthusiasts that not only grew the popularity of the blockchain but also helped outline its core values and benefits that billions of people still have no idea about.

Tyler Winklevoss

Tyler is one of the Winklevoss twins who are one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and blockchain experts currently. The two have dedicated quite a lot of effort and funds to developing this industry in the past and are continuing to do so today.

Tyler’s remark was especially interesting to hear when he tried to explain the blockchain in a very understandable manner.

His quote mentions the blockchain as a mathematical framework that helps us be free from any governing body and human error. It’s depicted as a flawless system that is designed to improve rather than deteriorate.

Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel is the co-founder of PayPal, which at one point was a fintech revolution on its own. So, having a leading innovator in the field of fintech commend the blockchain as well as Bitcoin as an interesting development is already a serious boost to the technology’s PR.

To be exact, Thiel referred to cryptocurrencies as the first encrypted medium of exchange that has the potential to change the world.

Well, Thiel may have said that a bit too long ago as looking at the world right now, it’s very hard to imagine that Bitcoin did not have any role in making it what it is.

Alan Flores

Alan Flores is one of the lead experts in incorporating Artificial Intelligence in blockchain and has pretty much been trying to do so ever since the technology first became accessible.

He is also notorious for exposing flaws with other crypto AI platforms and warning the community. For example, according to this Bitcoin Evolution Review, it’s almost impossible to truly dig into a system unless there is some technical knowledge associated with the reviewer.

Alan’s quote was mostly directed to the integration of blockchain in every-day technology that we use today and how AI is just a small step to globalizing this amazing innovation.

Leon Luow

Luow is a peace prize nominee and his comment about Bitcoin and blockchain, in general, was made in a “world-peace” type of context.

According to Luow, everybody that has ever heard of Bitcoin needs to start taking it much more seriously as it could be one of the biggest and best developments of the 21st century.

This brings a whole new perspective of this amazing asset and what it can potentially be in the eyes of different experts in different fields.

John McAfee

John McAfee is one of the most popular figures in the blockchain world. The man is trying to prove that he is Satoshi Nakamoto himself, the inventor of this amazing technology. Therefore, the positive comments coming from him are not as unexpected.

According to his quote, McAfee believes that Bitcoin is something that will challenge modern governments more than any other political issue will. The amount of change this innovation brings to the market could re-invent how we perceive “government” as a whole.

Many more quotes

Although there are thousands of more quotes of similar nature, these 5 truly encompass what the blockchain was, what it is now and what it is aspiring to be.

These quotes help us understand in what perspective each person is trying to see this technological innovation. And to be honest, it seems that the blockchain is predicted to be everywhere, not only the financial industry.