Top 5 Pre-Employment Tools every HR Manager Should Know in 2021

With companies giving importance to premium talent, the role of the HR department has slowly shifted from a backend administration to a frontline strategic function. 

As companies slowly realize that employees are their most valuable asset, HR managers are looking for ways to hire the best talent to succeed for their business. 

Hiring and retaining top talents is an art, and businesses that have mastery over this art usually witness higher productivity and lower churn rate. Making a wrong hire can cost your business a whopping $15,000, which is why you should use a disc assessment to make sure that the candidate is a great fit.

To prevent your business from spending so much on every bad hire, HR managers often turn to pre-employment testing tools to hire the best available talent. 

What is a pre-employment testing tool?

A pre-employment testing tool helps an HR manager and recruiter make informed decisions about a candidate’s skills and competencies. Such tools allow you to screen candidates based on their personalities, education, work experience, and skill set. These tools ensure an effective way for businesses to ensure their candidates are competent enough for hiring. 

With these tools in your arsenal, you have a better chance of connecting with top-quality candidates who integrate with your company’s culture. 

However, picking the right pre-employment testing tools is complex because each HR tool promises to bring a revolutionary change. The right tools can help you hire talent that boosts the productivity and sales of your company.

We’ve compiled a list of top pre-employment tools to ease your hiring process. 

Top 5 Pre-Employment Tools every HR Manager Should Know in 2021

Here are five pre-employment testing tools every HR manager should know and use in 2021:


TestGorilla is pre-assessment testing software that helps an organization improve its hiring processes by carrying out various pre-assessment tests related to soft skills, hard skills, and behavioral qualities. 

Using this intuitive and one-of-a-kind software, organizations can create personalized assessments by adding their job role and automatically receive recommendations on different assessment tests to hire the best candidate. 

What’s more interesting is that HR managers using TestGorilla can track the progress of every candidate in real-time and sort them based on rating, custom response, and latest activity. They can review test scores, add private notes and create detailed reports to hire a suitable candidate. 

Interestingly, TestGorilla provides multiple test questions so that you can carry out video interviews, shortlist candidates based on performance, allow them to upload portfolios and hire a top candidate for an open job. 

Using more than 150 scientifically validated tests, organizations can weed out candidates who don’t match their job’s qualifications and requirements. 

Features: Technical screening, candidate screening, assessment, content library, and analytic

Pricing: Offers a free plan, and their paid plan starts at ₹1,600 per month when billed annually


iMocha or Interview Mocha is a leading online pre-employment assessment platform that allows an HR manager to test a range of competencies and skills to hire a suitable candidate for their profession. 

Using this online testing solution, you can make pre-hire screening quick and extremely easy for employers. Interestingly, iMocha boasts of AI-powered digital skills assessment to help employers effortlessly build a remote and distributed team. 

iMocha offers various ready-to-use skills tests like business aptitude, language proficiency, coding, and more. When an HR manager uses iMocha, they can pre build tests, customize their tests, and create assessments from scratch. You can even upload custom questions. 

With a comprehensive and vast library covering more than 2,000 skills, this tool helps a manager thoroughly screen candidates to identify basic proficiency and help you save countless hours, and allows you to close the hiring cycle much faster. 

It’s a tool that you will never repent of having in your tech stack. 

Features: Different coding skills, aptitude skills, business skills, domain skills, and next-generation skill

Pricing: Offers a free trial, and their paid plan starts at $150 per month when paid annually


Harver is a pre-employment assessment platform that is an excellent hiring tool for organizations planning for volume hiring in different roles. The AI-driven platform helps you overcome the challenges you face when hiring at a large scale. 

This intuitive hiring platform combines automation, candidate experience, hiring solutions, and business intelligence to help you hire suitable candidates fast and on a large scale. 

As the platform uses a proprietary algorithm, it can self-learn to optimize and identify suitable candidates for a particular job.  

Apart from assisting in the pre-employment process, Harver automates your recruitment process, makes your process free from bias, and lets you choose candidates who can culturally fit your organization.

Using Harver, you can identify top performers, measure competencies and critical skills, and hire the right people for your company. 

Harver offers a range of skill assessment tests and helps companies test everything, including hard skills, soft skills, behavioral qualities, and whether a candidate is a fit for an organization. 

Their tool allows HR managers to save a plethora of time and results in successful hiring outcomes. 

It’s an ideal hiring platform for a consumer brand, customer service, retail, BPO, hospitality, recruitment, tech, and software companies. 

Features: Cognitive ability testing, video pitch, virtual interview, language proficiency, personality questionnaire, and multitasking test

Pricing: Offers a free trial, and you can get their paid subscription plan after contacting the company

Modern Hire

Modern Hire is an excellent pre-employment assessment tool that integrates interviewing technology with predictive analytics and assessments. Unlike other platforms on our list, it’s a purpose-built hiring platform that uses a combination of technology and science to predict the best candidate and ensure fairness in your hiring workflow. 

This all-in-one SaaS solution transforms every step of your hiring to ensure an effective and efficient process. From pre-apply to offer acceptance, Modern Hire is an innovative platform that combines the predictive power of pre-hire assessments, interview techs, and automated workflows. 

Modern Hire science and technology-driven solutions help you give deeper insights into your candidates without burning the midnight oil. 

Also, their science-driven solution can help in delivering an engaging and personalized experience that relates to your job and provides organizations with deeper insights into your candidate with little or no effort. With every hiring process, you can find candidates who fit your needs without spending time screening thousands of applications for a single job opening. 

With Modern Hire in your arsenal, you will always hire the best candidate for your job and see a surge in productivity. 

Features: Automation, predictive analysis, branding, screening & metrics, phone screening, assessments, and text interviewing

Pricing: Offers a paid plan, and you can contact the company to know more about their paid plan.


Another intuitive and excellent hiring platform that helps organizations hire and retain their top talent is eSkill. eSkill uses video interviews and combines them with employment and behavioral assessments to evaluate verbal communication skills and foreign language abilities. 

This comprehensive talent assessment platform covers the entire employee lifecycle, from pre-assessment to behavioral development. Using this eSkill platform, HR managers can create customized assessments along with their questions. 

This can help them identify top candidates and help an organization reduce hiring costs, and accelerate the time-to-hire. 

Furthermore, companies can test employees’ knowledge of new services and products on new policies. Organizations can create an integrated talent assessment platform that integrates with an applicant tracking system (ATS) and helps them hire the top talent.

Features: Integration option, test assessment, a perfect match of candidates, and assessment of behavioral qualities

Pricing: Offers a paid plan, and you need to contact the company for their pricing details

Choosing the best pre-employment assessment tool

Over the past few years, the human resource department has changed a lot, and the shift to remote work is making it challenging for organizations to find and hire candidates that can fit their company’s culture. 

After understanding the benefits of a pre-employment assessment, you can see how a mountain of tasks can be reduced to a manageable chunk using a proper HR management tool. 

While it may be tempting to buy a less expensive HR tool, conduct thorough research and find tools that suit your hiring requirements. There is no-one-size-fit all tool, so what may work for your organization may not yield results for others. 

Also, it’s essential to find solutions to automate tasks that are likely to eat up a majority of your time.

So, if you’re looking to streamline your HR processes and make your office more productive, try the free trial of TestGorilla and see whether you can improve your hiring process and hire candidates who are productive in their workplace. 

With the advent and advancement in technology, HR software is lending a helping hand to hire the best talent. When picking up a leading HR software, consider your location and budget before making an informed decision.