Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends for 2014

Interesting year 2014. If the pundits have called it correctly, the Data scientist would have enjoyed a very short lifespan and storytelling utilizing data goes mainstream. This is one particular trend that excites me. Why? complicated dashboards without context are useless and storytelling are the best way to gain insights. Data stories bring critical facts to life.

Business intelligence is infiltrating IT systems in new ways all the time. Where Business intelligence was previously relegated to purpose-built servers and specialized apps, it’s now employed in internet sites,  clouds both public/private, analytics apps,as well as onsite and cloud retail applications.  Data is playing an ever larger role in assisting managers, startup founders and other business professionals, whose role is to make informed business decisions. With the new landscape, it’s become imperative for Business intelligence  to deliver intuitive, effective solutions that enable all business users to master data.

We can expect to see next Gen Business Intelligence platforms, focus on better, instinctive decision making. Visualization, my favorite, is a critical component, but not all thinking is visually driven. End users will find themselves naturally focusing from seeking answers to questions to eventually seek which better questions to ask. Business intelligence done right, must complement the human brain’s ability to process and reason on a high level, not simply replace it with the power of new tech. Some may be tempted to go down this route nevertheless.

Top Ten Business Intelligence Trends for 2014 from Tableau Software
  • The end of data scientists.
  • Cloud business intelligence goes mainstream.
  • Big data finally goes to the sky.
  • Agile business intelligence extends its lead.
  • Predictive analytics, once the realm of advanced and specialized systems, will move into the mainstream.
  • Embedded business intelligence begins to emerge in an attempt to put analytics in the path of everyday business activities.
  • Storytelling becomes a priority.
  • Mobile business intelligence becomes the primary experience for leading-edge organizations.
  • Organizations begin to analyze social data in earnest.
  • NoSQL is the new Hadoop.