INFOGRAPHIC: How To Create that Perfect Tweet

Have you ever found that perfect tweet linking to a great article, but found yourself having to edit before retweeting? Maybe you also found yourself doing the work of the original poster by inserting hashtags and incorporating tools such as  Services like take a link and create a randomized short URL in order to take up as little room in a tweet as possible. It’s only a 140 characters. How hard could it be to get right?

MarketingThink offers 3 Goals For the Perfect Tweet:

  • Amplify. You need to amplify your story with tweets.
  • Engage. You need people to read the tweet, click on it or pass the message on to others.
  • Convert. You need to have helped people enough with your great content that you contact you to do something. For instance, they might want to hire you to be their social media marketing coach!

Blueprint To Build The Perfect Tweet from Gerry Moran

Mediabistro cautions against over selling in your tweets:

“While it’s perfectly acceptable to link to your own content, if you over-sell it, self-promote too much, or adopt the habits of salesmen of old (even slightly), you’re very quickly going to be overlooked. Worse, likely it won’t be too long before you’re labelled as nothing more than a spammer”.

Reality check. Only two things really count when striving for the perfect tweet:

  1. Maximum readability
  2. Maximum retweetability

Best Advice is to Tweet like a journalist: Think like a reporter. After all, that’s what you’re actually doing on Twitter. You’re providing content, you’re trying to be relevant, and provide data in a timely manner that matters to your audience. You’ll need a catchy headline for those tweets. It’s often the hook that draws in interest, and makes your audience want to read your material, and  hopefully syndicate it futher. Is there anything you’d add to or remove from the listed suggestions?

Source: Neomobile. Perfect 10 image via Shutterstock.

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