Tips on How to Increase Closed Deals and Save Time

If your contact center handles sales calls, you are probably looking for ways to close more deals while saving time. Your veteran sales agents may have unlocked the recipe for this, or they may still need to learn a thing or two to develop their skills further. Negotiation skills develop over time, which the new representatives will learn as they get more experience. However, some things could help them achieve the said goals faster. We listed them below, so you can train them to adopt these practices. 


Review calls on closed deals

They say that experience is the best teacher, and that applies to sales too. Start by reviewing great calls that led to successfully closed deals during team meetings. Discuss the positive things the agents on the calls did so others can apply them on their calls. People don’t just learn from good things but also from the bad. So, go through poorly handled calls as well and discuss the rooms for improvement. It will prevent them from making the same mistakes, thus having a better chance of a positive outcome. However, you don’t want to embarrass the agents on the recorded calls, so be sure not to expose their names. 


Switch to a softphone

It’s more convenient and quicker to call using a softphone over the traditional handphone. Moreover, you can use another application, like a predictive dialer, to dial numbers on the database automatically. The agents don’t have to dial manually, saving time and preventing errors in entering the numbers. In addition, most of the sales calls go unanswered. The dialer will either leave a voicemail or move to the next contact on the list, then transfer the answered calls to the available agents. As a result, the sales representatives can focus on converting the leads instead of wasting time trying to reach numbers that don’t answer.  


Call customers at the right time

Determine the best time to call. Timing is crucial as it could make or break the chance of turning leads into actual paying customers. For example, those who work in the field, like landscapers, drivers, or laborers, may be unable to answer the call during work hours. However, if agents connect with them and say it wasn’t the best time for the call, they should ask for their preferred call-back time and follow up on the set schedule. Then, customers will be more open to the call since they choose the time. 


Consider calling outside business hours

Not everyone may be able to answer calls during typical business hours. So, why not adjust your schedule to call those who may not have access to their phones during the day? However, don’t call too late, as it may be their time to rest, and they don’t want to be disturbed. 


Listen to understand

Many sales agents are so focused on delivering their spiels that they fail to listen to what customers say. Train them to develop active listening, so they can answer and help the leads better, thus, increasing the chances of converting them. 

Remind your sales representatives about these tips they can incorporate into their calls. They can help boost sales and save time.