Should You or Shouldn’t You? The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Be Attending Exhibitions

Should You or Shouldn't You? The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Be Attending Exhibitions
Should You or Shouldn’t You? The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Be Attending Exhibitions

If you’re looking to grow your business then one marketing tactic that may have caught your eye is exhibiting. It takes upfront investment both in terms of time and resource but you’ve heard that the payoff could be big. Making that final decision as to whether you should add exhibiting to your marketing repertoire can be difficult, so here are five reasons to twist your arm and persuade you why you need to be doing it.

Highest ROI

Exhibiting has proven in study after study to have the highest ROI as compared to many other tactics. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s a sure thing. What it does mean however, is that when you do get it right, you’ll be pleased that you made the investment.

To make sure that you have a good ROI, you need to make sure that you’re measuring it. Make sure you note down all costs related to exhibiting from the stand space to the cost of your staff. Compare that to the leads and sales that you generate from the event to work out whether you’ve made more money than you put in.

Brand awareness

Hundreds of people visit exhibitions, so having your company seen will help to increase your brand awareness. Even if people don’t purchase immediately – because they don’t yet need your services – being seen in the right environment will help increase the chance that when their purchasing cycle begins that they will think of you. Most businesses will only choose suppliers that they are already aware of even during the tender process – so making sure that your brand is one that they’ve heard of before is really important to your business!

Make sure people can see you from afar by branding your exhibition stand. Add the logo to the top of your displays and choose a supplier such as Marler Haley where the graphics won’t curl or peel over time.

Keeping up with the Jones’

There’s a lot to be said about keeping up with competitors at events. It may never be mentioned as the sole reason for exhibiting as it may seem trivial but in reality there is some logic behind it. If your competitors are exhibiting at an event that you’re not at, then they could be stealing your potential leads and sales.Are you missing out on sales by not attending?


If you’re looking to expand your product range then take your ideas to your exhibition to get feedback. Seeing your customers face-to-face can help you to dig deeper into their needs are, and help you discover any gaps that you could fill as a supplier. It’s a good conversation to have at an exhibition and could really impact the future of your business.


Exhibiting is a great excuse to spin some positive PR, especially if you have some news to talk about – whether it’s a new product or service it’s a great way to engage with the press. Make sure that you have press releases to hand about your latest products for journalists if you’ve invited any to attend who may want to feature you!