Why Is Education The Key

In today’s ever-changing world, it is no longer difficult for anyone to accept the fact that education is the key to success. As Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Of course, education should not be considered the main goal and destination, but only the tool by which success can be achieved. We have heard many times that man is conscious; and, if we take a closer look at our own growth process, we see that when we are born, we have no awareness, but over time, with little environmental learning, we gain the knowledge we need to go further.

Why Is Education The Key To Success?

But after a certain point, the environment can’t bring us awareness anymore, and it is we who have to learn and educate ourselves to become more aware. This is where the importance of education comes into play; because it can have a huge impact on the formation of our worldview and the quality of the questions that we ask ourselves. Especially with the rapidly changing world, if we do not have the right education, we will not be able to perceive the world and evolving technologies around us.

In this post, we want to take a look at the importance of education in success. Stay with us

1. Education is a journey to Developing Problem-Solving Skills

On the one hand, when we study and are trained in the process of education, we have to solve problems. This allows us to be proficient in solving various problems; because just like an athlete working out, we are exercising our brain muscles. On the other hand, during our education, we learn critical, logical, and independent thinking, which helps us to get acquainted with the principles of reasoning and thinking and use these skills in different life situations so that we can recognize good from bad, and right from wrong. It also lets us make the right decisions even in critical situations.

2. Education is a journey to Having Access to Better Job Opportunities

It is true that society needs all kinds of jobs, and even if one doesn’t have a university degree, he can anyway find a job. But the fact is that today; if someone likes to do different and special things, he must be equipped with specialized education in that field. Because without sufficient knowledge, one can’t formally enter many fields of technology or professions. Therefore, to have a different social status and more influence in society, it is better to take the importance of education seriously.

3. Education is a journey to Getting Acquainted with New Worlds and People

When one decides to enter a specialized field, he is indeed entering a new realm of science that has its own specific language. The interesting thing is that by entering a specialized field and achieving a common language, one can cross borders and connect with any other person in the world who has a good and common understanding of that realm of science. This helps him to get to know people from different cultures and countries who share the same taste in that common field of work or study.

4. Education is a journey to Improving the Economic Situation

The conditions for becoming rich in today’s world are different than in the past. With just a little attention, you can see that the richest people in the modern world are those who have learned a special skill that can be taught. Or, they have entered the capital markets, which also requires their own knowledge. Therefore, it can be said that today, by gaining the required knowledge, one can experience such financial growth that could not even be imagined in the past.

5. Education is a journey to Becoming an Independent Person

Fortunately, today’s world has created an equal opportunity for everyone to acquire and apply the necessary knowledge and turn into an independent person. Especially today, everyone has access to resources such as YouTube, Udemy, Coursera, and Khan Academy; so, it leaves us no room for any excuses. The only thing that relates to our success today is our desire to acquire knowledge and to have a regular schedule and stick to it.

6. Education is a journey to Making the Impossible Possible

Knowledge and education provide us with the opportunity to put our ideas into action. In the modern world, anyone can make the impossible possible, exactly like what Elon Musk and others have done. Their efforts remind people not to be indifferent to themselves and their abilities or talents and the impact they can have on the world.


In this article, we mentioned the importance of education, but it is worth mentioning that education should not be confused with knowledge. By education, we mean learning, not just going to school and university and getting a degree. We see many people who have specialized in fields without a university degree; because they have been self-educated. Therefore, it is better to know what our mission is at the beginning and to take steps towards it afterward.