Time Sheet Tinkering – How to Get the Most Out of Employee Rostering

Time Sheet Tinkering - How to Get the Most Out of Employee Rostering
Time Sheet Tinkering – How to Get the Most Out of Employee Rostering

Employee rostering is notoriously one of the most difficult and time consuming processes to perform. With an enormous impact on your workplace productivity and profit, it is essential to ensure that all rosters are optimised for labor demand and adhere to your employee’s availability. It is near impossible for managers to manually complete the research and compile the data required to consistently produce optimised rosters. To get the most out of employee rostering it is therefore essential to utilise online employee rostering software.

Online employee rostering is the new frontier of workplace management programming, and is much more than a simple scheduling tool. In fact, rostering software offers a suite of intuitive features that streamline the most difficult and time consuming employee management tasks. Combining online time and attendance software, task management and performance monitoring, employee rostering software is an essential investment for any business.

Automated Scheduling

One of the most impressive and intuitive features of online employee rostering software is automated scheduling. Automated scheduling streamlines what is an otherwise a difficult and time consuming manual process. Rather than reaching out to individual employees, sending multiple emails and making countless calls to confirm the availability of your staff, automated scheduling allows you to sit back and let technology take control.

Online rostering software works by utilising information provided by you and your employees. Employee’s can input and modify their availability with ease. Management can also set preferences for their rostering. For example, many businesses may require junior staff members to be rostered with at least one senior member or supervisor per shift. The software then stores this information and develops an optimised roster based on your employee’s availability and management preferences. With just a simple click of a button, your organisation can generate fully customised rosters whenever required.


In order to make the most out of employee rostering software it is essential to integrate your existing business and sales management software. The integration of your existing software and other digital platforms allows the rostering software to further optimize your scheduling and update your rosters with relevant data. This removes the burden on management teams to manually update employee rosters with new data and information.

Utilising your sales and other management data enables the software to produce an accurate labor forecast for any given day or period of time, and roster your employees accordingly. This ensures that your business saves on the cost of unnecessary labour during quiet periods and is well-staffed on those unexpectedly busy days.

Time Sheets

In order to make the most of employee rostering software, it is essential to ensure that employees attend their shifts on time and are paid for the correct hours worked. Online employee rostering software enables management to streamline the timesheet to payroll process. Employees are able to utilise their iPhone, Android or an on-site kiosk to clock in and out of their shifts. Facial recognition software enables management to quickly and easily ensure that their employees are present where they should be during every shift.

These processes enable management to quickly and easily monitor and approve time sheets to be sent directly to payroll. The software also develops and stores this data as customised reports in order to keep your business and budget on track.

Online rostering software provides employers with a host of integrated features and tools to assist in the management of employees and tasks. In order to make the most out of employee rostering, it is essential to understand the benefits and features of automated software. The ability to streamline the scheduling to payroll process, enables employees to easily manage their employees and continue fostering the growth of their business.

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