Eight Top Apps for Project Management

Illustration made by Basecamp


Anyone who has ever turned their hand to managing a project of any sort knows just how complicated it can be. Milestones, dependencies and stakeholders all add a level of complexity that can make even the most organised person get stressed out. However, when equipped with the right tools, project management doesn’t have to be as hard as all that. There are even project management apps available these days that can help. Some of these are free, others quite inexpensive. The following list, based on advice from Jane Hurst, writing for Life Hack and others, reviews a series of apps that some project managers have found to be especially helpful in going about their activities efficiently and effectively. They are:

1. Casual

Casual is a very visual app that looks at project management in a different way than other programmes. With Casual, tasks are planned and organised by creating a flowchart of activities. Casual adds value at this point by helping you to be able to see and track dependencies that may exist between tasks. The app is considered to be very good for either using for small projects, or for organising projects that have small teams.

2. OmniPlan

OmniPlan takes a more traditional approach to the task of project management than Casual does. OmniPlan’s helpfulness comes about because it enables you to be able to create a simple project outline, and beyond that the app helps you to plan out the project through to the point when it is complete. The Gantt charts within it allow easy viewing of where you are at with the project at any given time. It is only available for iPhone and IPad at the current time. The following video shows how OmniPlan works on a IPad

3. Podio

Podio is designed for large or medium sized project teams, Podio helps to coordinate bigger projects. It includes some other helpful aspects to it such as CRM and social intranet. There

Podio is designed for large or medium sized project teams, Podio helps to coordinate bigger projects. It includes some other helpful aspects to it such as CRM and social intranet. There are a range of different packages to suit different budgets, and you won’t be able to get it for free.

4. Trello

Trello is a highly visual app, which is hailed for the fact that it is so very user friendly. The way that it has been developed is as if it is a virtual whiteboard on which you can stick post-it notes. The tool enables you to be able list ideas and create to-do lists in a very user friendly way. It is available on both Apple and Android devices and one of the benefits is that it is available for free.

5. Microsoft Project

This has been included in the list because it is so popular for project management. It is a very comprehensive tool, but is quite complex to be able to use and understand properly. With this app it is possible to create customised reports and make sure that you keep on track with the project until the point that it is terminated. It is an expensive tool, though you can get a free trial to see if you like it or not.

6. Asana

Asana is basically used for task management but may also be used for managing projects. It is considered by most to be very user friendly. The way it works is that you can create lists that you can then share with the team. If your team is small then it is possible to use the tool for free, but with larger teams it is necessary to pay.

7. Basecamp

Many are already aware of the usefulness of Basecamp, which acts as a repository for everything associated with any particular job. There are a bunch of useful features and functionalities such as the possibility of creating to-do lists, files, events and notes. There is a free trial period, after which you will be expected to pay if you want to keep using it.

8. Evernote

Evernote is not designed for use as a project management tool, yet many people have decided to use it in this way nonetheless. It is particularly good for personal projects or small projects. It allows you to take notes in order to stay organised across a range of different projects all at once. There is a free version or premium services that you can try. Evernote is intuitive and attractive. It is used by important personalities like Maria Popova and Tim Ferriss