The Benefits To Using A Sales Personality Test When Hiring

The Benefits To Using A Sales Personality Test When Hiring

Those working in the sales sector will agree that finding the right applicant to fill a position can at times feel like a complete lottery. Even if they appear to have all the right qualifications, experience on their resume, and impressive interviewing skills, it’s difficult to actually predict whether a candidate will fit perfectly into their role and achieve the quotas expected of them. It’s difficult for hiring managers to know how someone will perform in the role until they’ve spent time in that role – that is until now. In the late 1980s, industrial psychologists began developing a tool to help employers make the hiring process a little more transparent – and that tool was a sales personality test. Now these tests are used all over the world to find sales entities only the best candidates to fill open positions.

Sales Tests Streamline The Hiring Process

The benefits of using sales profile tests — especially at the beginning of the hiring process — is that they function like funnels – filtering out poor candidates and highlighting candidates with a good or excellent score as compared against the target profile you and the testing company establish for the position. This way, you only move forward with the resumes and CVs that pass through this first phase. You can feel confident with the results as the profile will have been developed after a lengthy amount of research into your company, or created using the scores of your top employees as guidelines.

They Cut Through Candidates’ Facades

Well spoken candidates might ace an interview, but many candidates play up a personality they feel their prospective employer wants to see. Their strong acting abilities don’t necessarily mean they will follow through on all the promises they make in the room. Implementing a sales personality test before conducting interviews will ensure the candidates who aren’t cut out for the work can’t charm their way into the company. Because it’s impossible for candidates to predict which answers you’ll be looking for, they’ll be forced to answer honestly.

They Save Time

Wading through hundreds of resumes can take a hiring team time, and cost their company resources as a result. A sales personality test however, such as those made available through providers like SalesTestOnline, only take applicants ten minutes to complete – with results delivered directly to the committee. Employers need only concern themselves with candidates that score well, meaning that they’ll have a better overall pool to choose from when moving on to the actual interview stage.

They Eliminate Hiring Risk

Replacing employees time and time again can do companies a great deal of damage, especially if they’re entering a busy quarter and require all their sales personnel to be on the top of their game. Often companies are also forced to spend time training employees that will only end up leaving for a position better suited to their talents. Using a sales personality test allows you to not only cut down on turnover, but also to land candidates into roles they were born to platy. After all, hiring risk diminishes significantly when applying personality tests with a 90% accuracy rate. They ensure that those who make it through the hiring process are indeed worthy of their employer’s investment and energies.

If you’re a hiring manager or a recruiter, you know how important it is to cut right to the quick and learn a prospective salesperson’s strengths and weaknesses before the interview even starts. With a sales profile test, it’s easier than ever to find the right candidate for the position.