Little Guide To Reddit For Social Businesses

The Advertiser’s Guide To Surviving Reddit
The Advertiser’s Guide To Surviving Reddit

Reddit is a platform that offers interesting advertising and marketing opportunities, yet it is avoided by some. One of the challenges is that Reddit users do not tolerate those that spam, so getting it right is even more important than usual. However, the platform does provide some excellent chances for getting your message out there. It can be a great resource for your social business.

According to Anthony Coraggio (2014) writing for Moz:

“The site is one of the fundamental drivers of internet culture, and boasts roughly 115 million monthly unique visitors, low ad costs, and high potential for engagement and virality.”

All of this sounds good, but getting started may be baffling for some. To go about this, you need to know what advertising options are available, what the Reddit culture is, and how to make your plan operational without irritating platform users.

Regarding advertising options, Reddit has some varied choices that you can make. Self serve advertising is considered to be perhaps one of the easiest ways to get started. These are value for money and are promoted also by Reddit users. With these ads you can submit them and then as with other content on the site, users can vote it up or down. Your payment gives you a highest on page slot on a front page or a chosen page that you prefer to be on. You will pay $0.75 CPM and you have to spend $5 minimum. You might alternatively go for a display ad. Reddit is explained to use the AdZerk advertising engine and banner ads can be posted.

Banner ads do not have an associated discussion, but each is linked to a comment thread. If you want this type of advertisement you will need to contact Reddit to discuss choices and costs. If neither of these options apply you might consider a sponsored Q&A, which can run either for a few hours or a few days, specified by you.

Working within the Reddit culture is worrisome for some, but with a few tips you will find yourself set to go. Arguably, one of the most important points is making sure that you offer value. Contribution is everything on Reddit, and if you have nothing to offer you will quickly get noticed and meet with considerable scorn. Remember that Reddit users are quite savvy and will see through a conversion page that is excessively optimised. Make sure you are open and honest about who you are and what you are doing, and you shouldn’t go too far wrong.

TheRedditMarketingFieldGuide copy
The Reddit Marketing Field Guide

Like anything, having an excellent sense of humour will definitely help you on Reddit. If you entertain people in a good way they will be more likely to remember you. It is also recommended to review the sub thread you are posting on to make sure that you use the right lingo to attract your audience. If you come unstuck instead of trying to delete and remove content it is better to respond back and take on board the feedback you get.

To avoid driving Reddit users mad, one important task before you get underway is determining exactly who you are targeting. There are a lot of people on Reddit, and aiming at just anyone is unlikely to get you anywhere at all. Put some research into who is likely to be most interested in what you have to say, and where on Reddit you can find them. Be sure to keep up to date so that your audience is still their next time you post – things can change quickly on Reddit.

Also, it is worth not limiting yourself to paid advertisements, but also getting involved in the community. It is argued that there are ways to offer incentives to the Reddit market for your products or services, and this is more appealing to Reddit users than generic options targeted at everyone.

Really, this is not rocket science. Just like any other marketing campaign you need to focus on finding your people and promoting what you have by offering value, rather than just spamming everyone. No one appreciates that, and it will lose you and your products and services much needed reputation. Instead be transparent and honest, and engage with others, and you will be likely to see much greater benefits.