Technology Changing for Smokers

Technology Changing for Smokers
Technology Changing for Smokers

Gone the days when people used to smoke cigars and fashion oriented cigarettes. Now technology has changed everything and so is the case with smoking. Smoking is no more the traditional smoking now. If we went back just one or two centuries ago, people used to inhale tobacco and other herbs using different kind of devices which were often termed as hookah in the local language. But then cigar replaced that typical hookah. Things became more compact, and the cigar was also replaced with paper packed cigarettes with an added filter to give the impression that cigarette is less harmful than the cigar.

Electronic Smoking

Well, time kept changing, and everything kept evolving. Now a letter “E” or “I” is added with everything which has involved technology somehow. You might have heard the term “e-cigarettes” somewhere in the market or on the web. Yes, now the electronic version of cigarettes are also available. Now you don’t need to keep the pack of 20 cigarettes or any cigarette case rather keep a pen-type device which is often called vape pen. No need to keep a matchbox or a lighter to light up the cigarette because electronic cigarette is battery operated and it uses electric power to heat up the liquid which is often called e-liquid. Moreover, you don’t need to find a trusted shop to buy your branded cigarettes rather you can find an online smoke shop from where you can order your electronic cigarettes.

Now take a seat and think even the nicotine liquid has become the e-liquid. You can imagine how much technology has changed and how it has overtaken our lifestyles. We are, according to us, advancing to the healthier lifestyle. It seems true if we ignore the side effects which often come before after we have adopted the technology. No doubt hookah was less harmful than any cigar or cigarette, but the bad thing about hookah was its size. You couldn’t take it with you easily. Well, the cigar has an extreme level of nicotine which is injurious to health. Cigarettes came with the filter, and it was stated that cigarette is less harmful to health. Well if we ignore the paper smoke, the statement seems true.

And finally technology has brought us the e-cigarette, and it is said that it is way less harmful to health than any cigarette or cigar. It seems true at this point because you can use the e-liquids with the lesser amount of nicotine. The tar which is very dangerous and which can destroy your lungs seems almost zero in vape pens. So we can say that vape pens or vaporizers are less harmful than conventional smoking stuff.

We must admit from the above discussion that technology has taken over everything and even smoking is no more traditional smoking. You have electronic smoking now, and this is trending among the youth. Not more than five years before, the concept of electronic cigarettes was introduced to the market, and now smokers are rapidly shifting to vape pens because of it cheaper, safer and more stylish than any other smoking instrument.

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