Technological Innovation Leading to the Growth of the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has been around for a long time. From starting with spot-based games in the early 1970’s, to the high-definition gaming consoles that are around today, the technological advancements has definitely been one of the main drivers of this growth.

In this article, we discuss some of the aspects of gaming that has seen huge leaps in technology.


From having bulky consoles that require external components like cartridges, CDs and memory cards, to the sleek ones with built-in memory and online capabilities, the design and power in today’s gaming consoles have gone a long way in terms technological advancements.


Ultra HD 4K? Virtual Reality? Or how about Augmented Reality? The advancements in the graphics and display that games and gaming consoles offer are a long way from the spot based and pixelized games that were all the rage back in the day.

In-game currency

The advancements in in-game currency has definitely been one of the main drivers of success of the gaming industry. Gone are the days when the only opportunity to earn and level up were done through numerous hours of grinding and farming. Nowadays, you can purchase game currency like OSRS Gold and TBC Gold to help close the gap between you and your competitors.

Live streams and walkthroughs

Remember the days where you were stuck in certain stages in a game, and no matter how hard you try, you can never get past it? And since you can never get past these saves, it would eventually lead to losing interest in the game? Nowadays, you can just go online and look at how other gamers get past these challenges.

It also doesn’t stop there. You can easily look up how professional gamers play, learn from them and improve how you do things. This improves the competition, and makes gaming that much more satisfying.


The aspects of gaming cited in this article aren’t the only ones that have driven the success of the gaming industry, since all technological advancements have contributed to this growth. But of course, the most important aspect of the gaming industry isn’t any of those cited in the article as well.

As Gaben Newell once said, “If you look at a multi-player game, it’s the people who are playing the game who are often more valuable than all of the animations and models and game logic that’s associated with it.”

As long as people keep on gaming, these advancements will keep on coming, and the gaming experience will continue to get better for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to continue gaming!