Advantages Of Math Contests You Should Consider


There are numerous advantages to running extra-curricular maths contests for your students– in addition to the fact that it increases their satisfaction and comprehension – the instructors have a good time, too!

In this article, we will look over some maths contests that your students can enter and their benefits. 

What are the advantages of entering a maths contest? 

  • Students love winning prizes – it can give them a genuine lift in their confidence – and loads of the contests are planned so that many students have a chance to win something. 
  • Math contests can help students gain confidence in solving math problems, and the prize gives them that incentive to push themselves. 
  • Most maths contests require quick numerical reasoning – and occasionally students can astonish themselves and show improvement over what they may typically anticipate. 
  • Any opportunity to sharpen a student’s problem-solving abilities will help them down the line when handling the new GCSE schedule and IB maths curriculum
  • They’re fun! Formal tests come with stress and pressure, so it’s good for students to face math tests in a fun and relaxed way, and that’s the great thing about math contests,

Mathematics is progressively significant in our innovative and logical age. Taking sufficient math in high school is the doorway to many occupations and professions, even those that are not expressly numerical. 

Ideas for contests 

The Alan Turing Cryptography Competition 

This is focused on school students up to Year 11 and is controlled by the School of Mathematics at the University of Manchester. Each half a month another code is delivered for your groups to break. Additionally, they now run a comparative contest for Sixth-formers called MathsBombe. 

Maths Careers Website Competitions 

The Maths Careers Website runs contests two times per year – for the most part, three separate age classifications are running from Year 7 up to Year 13. Most contests center around making a banner – past subjects have included “Well known Mathematicians” and “Popular Equations”. 

The Advanced Mathematics Support Program 

The AMSP runs many contests including Year 10 “Maths Feasts” which are group contests. Occasions will differ locally – so it is ideal to check the site for your district. 

Note that the AMSP used to be known as the FMSP – so use Google to look for AMSP or FMSP contests. 

Pop Maths Quiz 

A few regions run a Pop Maths Quiz. This is generally run by a college, where students answer maths inquiries in groups. The biggest one is run by Sheffield Hallam University. Once more, a quick google search will uncover Pop Maths Quizzes close to you.