Tech Leaders Converge: TransformBase London Offers Strategic Roadmaps for Business Success

TransformBase Summer Edition 2024 is the premier conference dedicated to exploring and advancing Frontier Technologies, including AI, Quantum Computing, and more. Scheduled for June 27th, 2024, at Northeastern University’s London Campus in St. Katharine’s Dock, this event brings together global leaders, innovators, and investors to discuss the future of technology and its profound impact on industries worldwide.

Tech Leaders Converge: TransformBase London Offers Strategic Roadmaps for Business Success

TransformBase, an initiative at the forefront of integrating modern technologies into business strategies, is gearing up for its highly anticipated event. Taking place on June 27 at Northeastern University’s London Campus, this event promises to be a pivotal moment for thought leadership and transformative insights.

The conference will address crucial “business transformation” challenges including integration, security, change management, cost implications, and scalability. TransformBase aims to equip organisations with technology-specific roadmaps tailored to their industry needs while influencing governmental policy considerations.

Co-founder Daniel Doll-Steinberg’s book “Unsupervised,” which highlights the need for urgency, served as inspiration for TransformBase’s continued commitment to encouraging open discussions and transforming innovations into practical solutions for a better society.

We are thrilled to host our second event, providing a platform for business leaders and investors to deepen their understanding of frontier technologies and chart a course towards a prosperous future,” said Eric Van der Kleij, Co-Founder of TransformBase.

Key Speakers at TransformBase 2024

TransformBase 2024 features a distinguished lineup of speakers who are leaders and innovators in their respective domains. Among them are Lord Karan Bilimoria, a prominent figure in the UK House of Lords and Founder of Cobra Beer, renowned for his extensive experience in entrepreneurship and governance. Nicole Sandler, Head of Digital Policy at Barclays, brings valuable insights into navigating digital landscapes within financial institutions. Also contributing is Alex McCracken, Managing Director of Innovation Banking at J.P. Morgan, recognized for his expertise in driving technological innovation within financial markets. These speakers, along with other notable figures, promise to deliver invaluable perspectives on the transformative power of frontier technologies at this year’s TransformBase event.

Why Attend TransformBase 2024?

TransformBase is not merely a tech conference; it’s a convergence of minds where industry titans, visionary entrepreneurs, and top subject matter experts gather to discuss and shape the future of technology adoption. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge from leaders such as Lord Karan Bilimoria of Cobra Beer, Nicole Sandler from Barclays, and Alex McCracken of J.P. Morgan, among other distinguished speakers. These sessions are designed to deepen understanding of cutting-edge technologies and their implications for business strategy and growth.

Beyond the sessions, TransformBase provides invaluable networking opportunities. Attendees will connect with investors, founders, and corporate leaders who are driving innovation in their respective fields. These interactions not only foster potential collaborations but also open doors to new business ventures and investment opportunities.

Participants will immerse themselves in thought-provoking discussions led by influential figures who are at the forefront of technological innovation. From exploring policy-making nuances to practical implementation strategies, the conference will cover a comprehensive spectrum of opportunities and challenges. This inclusive approach ensures that attendees gain insights that are both visionary and practical, equipping them to navigate the evolving landscape of Frontier Technologies.

How to Secure Your Ticket to TransformBase

Securing your ticket to TransformBase is quick and easy:

  1. Visit the Registration Page: Head over to
  2. Select Your Ticket Type: Choose the ticket category that best matches your needs, whether you’re an industry professional, entrepreneur, investor, or student.
  3. Complete the Registration Form: Fill out a brief, 2-minute registration form with your details. This step ensures you’re officially registered for the event.
  4. Save the Date: Once registered, mark June 27th on your calendar. This date marks the immersive experience at Northeastern University’s London Campus, nestled in the scenic St. Katharine’s Dock area.
  5. Prepare for an Enlightening Experience: Get ready to engage with top industry leaders, innovators, and investors. Explore the latest advancements in AI, Quantum Computing, and other cutting-edge frontier technologies. TransformBase guarantees to be a pivotal event for gaining actionable insights and staying ahead in today’s dynamic technological landscape.