How Tech Is Changing The Way We Work


How Tech Is Changing The Way We Work

In 2020, one of the biggest areas of business that tech is changing is the way that we work, especially since the coronavirus pandemic is encouraging business owners to look for ways to distance themselves from the office norms. To find out how technology is innovating the workplace, read on for more information.

Flexible and Remote Working

Once, you had to commute into the office to access everything that you needed to complete your work deadlines. However, this is not now the case, and many technological advances have made it possible for employees to work from the luxury of their own home. For instance, hosted servers enable employees to access the documents and software that they need from home, with the evolution of laptops allowing them to take their work with them wherever they go. Not only this, but remote working tools from Simpplr is now allowing teams to connect even when they are not in the physical vicinity to each other, meaning that tasks can be completed to a high standard irrespective of where they are working.


Not only this, but technology is now allowing leaders and employees to collaborate more effectively through the usage of software such as the Cloud. For instance, digital cloud storage will enable employees to access and edit documents at the same time, rather than having to wait for a file to be used by another member of the team. Not only this, but instant messaging apps and video conferencing software can allow employees to work on projects in real-time.

Digital Learning and Training

Digital learning is now becoming paramount to the ability to train employees. Not only does this allow them to onboard themselves on a remote basis, but this also means that they can be prepared using expert software that has been developed and customized in line with the company’s needs. This can prevent valuable work time from being used on employee training.


With technology enabling people to work from anywhere, there has now been a boom in out-sourced and freelance working, especially in industries such as marketing and consulting. Rather than having to open a position and go on a recruitment drive to complete various tasks, employers can now find an individual who will be able to complete certain projects for a fraction of the price and temporarily.

Reduced HR

Robotics has now led businesses to forego the need for large work teams. Rather than having to employ lots of workers to complete repetitive tasks, they can now use robotics, AI and automation to complete these tasks quickly and without human manpower. This decreases the need to hire employees for administrative roles.

Increased Efficiency

However, tech does not only bring bad news for those looking for employment. Instead, technology can change the workplace by making it more efficient. For instance, high tech gadgets and equipment can speed up certain processes and allow tasks to be completed at a single click of the button.