Why Teaching Could Be the Best Career Choice in 2019

Why Teaching Could Be the Best Career Choice in 2019

Before entering any profession, there are a number of factors that need to be carefully considered to ensure the right decision is being made. These include everything from long term prospects to commuting distance to financial considerations.

Teaching is one particular occupation that tends to appeal to people on a multitude of different levels, ticking many of the boxes typically linked with a strong career path. While it has its own set of challenges like any other job, it can prove to be exceedingly rewarding, comfortable and exciting, providing a lively and dynamic working environment.

In 2019, there is the chance to pursue almost every career path imaginable. Here are some thoughtful reasons why choosing a vocation in teaching could be the best option available.

Job satisfaction

Happiness within one’s job is an essential, yet often overlooked, consideration that should be factored into any decision with regards to a career. In teaching, job satisfaction has glowing results, with a survey conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics finding that nine out of ten teachers responded with “satisfied” or “very satisfied” when asked how they felt about their work.

An influencing aspect of this comes from the appreciation many teachers receive from colleagues, students and parents of students. It’s important to realize that this will not come immediately, and can also be one of the leading causes of teachers abandoning their positions within the first year. However, given time, recognition from different sources can have the effect of providing great job satisfaction.

Job security

The 21st-century job market has a tendency to be particularly volatile in comparison to previous generations, with the average worker now spending no more than four years in any single position, marking a stark contrast to the traditional 20 or more years in one job.

Chopping and changing roles might have become the new normal, but a career in teaching continues to offer a stable job for those who are committed enough. While some industries begin to suffer at the mere whiff of a recession, teaching remains strong even in times of economic struggle as there is always a consistent level of demand.

Data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that between 2014 and 2024, there will be a total of 1.9 million job openings for teachers alone, making it one of the most recession-proof careers out there.

Meaningful work

In an age of ephemeral possessions, gadgets and hobbies, learning is still up there amongst arguably the most worthwhile ways of investing time and money. This means that teachers, the providers of education, can be comfortable in the knowledge that what they are doing is meaningful, making a difference and influencing the lives of young people in a positive way.

Planning and conducting an engaging lesson that results in students coming away with something valuable that they didn’t have going into the class can be enormously rewarding for teachers.

Equally, as students obtain their exam results that leads to them attending colleges and further education, teachers may feel a deep sense of accomplishment from the effect their efforts have had on the lives of the pupils.

Summer break

While part of the summer period will require time out for planning lessons for the following term, compared to other professions, teachers are lucky enough to enjoy a substantial break during the warm months of the year. For the typical public school in the United States, this is up to three months in total.

The summer vacation, then, offers the chance to take time away from the classroom for teachers to recharge, spend time with loved ones, practise a new hobby or even take up some part time work to supplement their regular income.

It is a wonderful opportunity to explore new avenues and be well-prepared for the coming year, and is generally unrivalled time off with regards to other professions.

Transferable skills

Regardless of the specific subject, teaching involves learning a whole myriad of useful skills that can be transferred and applied to other fields of work. To get a masters in early childhood education online, for example, means learning theoretical perspectives, understanding contemporary issues, and developing good leadership qualities. You can then take these skills and apply them to other situations, whether in the sphere of work or just life in general.

Transferable skills carry with them a number of benefits, such as making people more employable as they find they are able to fill multiple roles and put what they have learned to good use. Versatility is well-respected by employers, while the ability to adapt to different situations allows people to stand out above the competition. Other benefits include:

  • Greater flexibility
  • Increased diversity of knowledge and experience
  • Improvements to skills you already possess

Retirement benefits

In the US, the vast majority of public school teachers are eligible for defined benefit plans where the state promises a guaranteed payout for life upon retirement based on length of service and earnings history. According to an article recently published in USA Today, the traditional pension for teachers can be quite generous for those who have put in many years of service, while also receiving insurance benefits, such as medical, dental and optical provisions.

This makes for a comfortable package and a significant degree of security following retirement, despite in some cases being paid less than other public-service professions.


Teaching as a profession is not all plain sailing, presenting different challenges everyday. It carries a significant amount of responsibility, and can be a job that is almost impossible not to take home with you each night.

However, the rewards that come with being a teacher and the knowledge that you will be  contributing a meaningful difference to people’s lives, more often than not, far outweighs the negatives. Shaping the future generation of adults and preparing them for the world ahead makes it one of the most satisfying career choices available.

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