4 Business Ideas for the London Startup

There are pros and cons to any job role, no matter what industry or company format you work for. For example, working within an already established company offers you experience and the chance to expand your knowledge within a particular industry; however, it also means keeping to company hours and meeting the demands of your superiors. For those who are more inclined to be their own boss, and who have the creativity and drive to market and sell their own products and services, becoming an entrepreneur can offer a much more flexible alternative to working for someone else. So, if you’re interested in setting up your small business, here are some startup ideas to inspire you.

Body Inclusive Clothing

With e-commerce having become so popular, it is now easier than ever for entrepreneurs to set up their own clothing brands. However, it is important to recognise that there are many clothing brands that already exist, both independent and franchised, and the only way to pull ahead of the competition is to find a gap in the market to fill. For example, inclusive body clothing, which caters to people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, is more in demand than ever before and might make a good niche to cater to if you have enough knowledge surrounding this area. Alternatively, you might consider a different niche that is more in keeping with your individual areas of expertise.

Plant-Based Foods

Clean eating is a trend that is becoming more and more popular in recent years, with many people preferring to stick to diets that are primarily plant-based, avoid gluten and don’t contain harmful chemicals. Therefore, if you’re interested in breaking into the food industry, you might want to consider tailoring your brand around plant-based, ethical and clean eating.

Marketing Agency

With more and more small businesses popping up, it opens up the market for business to business (or B2B) sales and services companies. In particular, marketing services are often in quite high demand, making this a great possible option for a London startup, especially as most of your services can be offered online. However, finding a London office space to rent will be useful for having face to face meetings with clients and investors who might not want to deal exclusively online. Thankfully, running a business over the internet helps to reduce a lot of your ongoing costs once your initial equipment has been purchased, so you may find it worth investing in quality, reliable equipment and software from the outset, in order to avoid higher maintenance costs along the way.

Natural Beauty Alternatives

Just as with food businesses, most make-up, health and beauty companies are also trying to find ways to make their products as ethical as possible, due to the demands of their customers. Therefore, if you want to make a move into the health and beauty sector, you, too, will have to think of ways to make your products keep up with the current trends in order to match your competitors.

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