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The Times When Humans And Robots Will Work As A Team

Technology is advancing exponentially. Ray Kurzweill, a legendary inventor, entrepreneur and visionary, predicted that as technologies evolve, there will be a blur of the...

FutureFest 2015: Savoring The Bittersweet Taste of The Future

Yesterday FutureFest took over the Vinopolis complex on London's South Bank to give its crowded public a bittersweet taste of what the world will...
NAO robot

Looking For A Job During The Robot Economy ? Get Creative!

Much angst is given over to wondering whether robots will take people’s jobs, and in that case specifically which jobs they might take. If the...

The Intelligent Series On The Robot Economy Part 2

The winners and losers of the Robot Economy

The Intelligent Series On the Robot Economy Part 1

Algorithms, AI, Robots, And A World Without "Work"

Are You Prepared For The Robot Economy ? part 2

How will the robot economy affect employment ? In the first part of this article I have described how the robot economy is already ubiquitously...
Are you ready to the Robots Economy ? Intelligenthq

Are You Prepared for The Robot Economy ? part 1

Review of book " Our work here is done. Visions of a robot economy" published by Nesta