Friday, January 17, 2020

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Interview With Bruno Osorio: The Game Developer With A Cerebral Palsy...

Bruno Osorio is the vivid example of overcoming. At the age of 30, Bruno leads the Adamastor Studio, a video game developer working on...

The Use of Gamification in Business Education

Gamification has been a very useful tool for businesses to grow interest and engagement of website users. By offering “badges”, prizes and incentives for...

Guide to Gamification Final Part

Applications of Gamification

Guide to Gamification Part 1

What is Gamification?

Gamification increases Demand for Game-Based Learning

A new trend report based on Game-Based Learning has been released by Global Industry Analysts. This new Market for Game-Based Learning, is projected to witness strong growth...

True Office Launches new gamified regulation and compliance training

People absolutely hate compliance training, they don’t remember it and they don’t take it seriously, yet it is costing banks terrific amounts of money,”...