State of FinTech – The Future of Money, Visualised

State of FinTech – The Future of Money, Visualised
State of FinTech – The Future of Money, Visualised

The growing world of financial technology is multi faceted and changing every day. New tools are created to help consumers and businesses move and manage their money, and new fintech companies are established on a regular basis. It’s a lot to learn about and a lot to keep up with. So, to help you navigate these largely uncharted waters, the tech savvy editors at have created a helpful infographic about all things fintech

What types of products and services do fintech companies offer? How big are those companies, and where are they located? Where is the money coming from, and where is it going? How is fintech development ebbing and flowing? You’ll find the answers to all of these questions and more in this series of colourful, easy to read charts and maps.

Fintech is essentially the marriage of money and technology, and it carries with it tremendous potential. While no one knows exactly where this exciting new sector is heading, one thing is all but certain: it’s evolving on a regular basis.

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