Software to Transform Your Restaurant: Employee Scheduling Software

Software to Transform Your Restaurant: Employee Scheduling Software
Software to Transform Your Restaurant: Employee Scheduling Software

Restaurants have existed for centuries, but in the last few years, new technology has transformed the way restaurants across the continent run their operations. Employee scheduling software does a lot more than its name suggests — it has become the backbone for many American and Canadian restaurants, especially those owned by millennials, who tend to be early adopters of new technology.

Let’s take a closer look at the ways employee scheduling software can transform your business.

Actionable Intelligence

Employee scheduling software provides managers and executives with a comprehensive picture of everything that’s going on in their restaurant. The software features a manager-facing dashboard that clearly displays vital statistics the restaurant’s leaders need to make informed decisions.

Some statistics tracked include total sales, labor costs, percentage of labor costs, expected sales, and more. But beyond hard data, there’s also an important human component to the feedback, giving managers a total understanding of everything that’s happening in their restaurant.

For example, the software lets staff submit feedback about the shift, as well as comments. This way, aspects about a restaurant’s operations which can sometimes elude data gets relayed to management. Staff can submit feedback anonymously if they prefer, so they feel more comfortable giving their true opinions.

If you decide on workforce management software by 7shifts you’ll also be able to track things like the weather in each shift report, which matters a lot for seasonal restaurants. Finally, you can customize which other stats you track according to your restaurant’s unique concerns.

Perfect Schedules, Quickly

This is employee scheduling software’s primary function, and it is enough to make a huge impact on a restaurant’s budget. Employee scheduling software reduces the time it takes to make a schedule by as much as 80%. It can reduce the phone calls and texts messages sent to help draft a schedule by 70%, and results in an overall 1-3% savings in labor costs.

Streamlined Communication

One of the paradoxes of modern technology is that, sometimes having so many efficient ways to communicate actually complicates communication. Employee scheduling software offers a streamlined platform that keeps everybody connected in less time.

For example, if a manager needs to alert everybody about a new lunch special, they can send a message to the entire group. They’ll receive a notification on their phone that a message has been sent, so they’re likely to see it right away. The groups can also be customized, so departments or teams can have their own channels, as needed.

Employee scheduling software has still more ways it can transform your business, from linking to your POS system, providing secure and advanced time-clocking features, and more. It’s incredible what changes are being made to the way restaurants operate in the last few years, given how long they have existed. But restaurateurs looking to get an edge over rivals need to look to groundbreaking technology like employee scheduling software that gives you modern tools that are efficient, secure, and powerful.

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