Traditional Marketing: Reasons It Still Works for Businesses Today

Traditional Marketing: Reasons It Still Works for Businesses Today

Reports of the demise of traditional marketing methods have been greatly exaggerated and if anything, you now have a great opportunity to create a well-rounded marketing strategy that is very relevant in the current business environment.
The fact that there are many business owners investing in address printers to cope with their printed media requirements, is a clue in itself that if you dismiss some traditional marketing methods, you might be missing out on a chance to achieve solid sales growth.

Flyers can work if you use them right

It could be far too easy to give flyers a bad press, but if you want a cost-effective traditional marketing method that works when used in the right way, flyers fit the bill.

Flyers are one of the core elements of offline marketing and if you think carefully about relevancy and placement, such as advertising your healthy eating snacks at a local gym, you are far more likely to get a positive response than simply dropping them in a scatter-gun way.

Get interactive with QR codes

Rather than deciding between going online and committing to digital marketing over more traditional marketing methods, many of the best marketing strategies tend to consist of a combination that offers you the best of both worlds. QR codes are a great example of this line of thinking in action.

Many people enjoy any form of marketing that encourages some sort of interaction. QR codes invites customers to scan the printed barcode on your material and go straight to some further information. QR (Quick Response) codes are not universally popular these days and some think that NFC ( Near Field Communication) tags are the best option due to how it utilizes wireless technology within your smartphone, but whichever side of the argument you favor, it does demonstrate how you can blend the old with the new with your marketing initiatives.

Business cards are still relevant

Many of us have an online presence, with a website address, email and maybe a Linkedin & Twitter profile, but you should still have a business card to bring it all together when you are networking. Getting out and making new connections with people is still very much the way that a lot of business can be done and where relationships are formed.

You need a business card that conveys all of the information about you in one digestible format and even in a digital world, a well-presented business card still has plenty of relevancy and can make just the right impact.

Offline methods to support your online sales profile

Even if you have a scenario in your business where you are almost exclusively selling your products through online channels, there is still a strong argument to support and supplement your efforts with some offline methods.
Sending a personalized letter to a customer thanking them for their order and providing a discount code for their next purchase, can have a great impact, and demonstrates how a strategy that combines old and new methods can work for your business.

Rosie Wyatt has worked in marketing all her adult life. Too many times she sees clients promoting themselves only online, and wants to show small businesses the opportunities they are missing – She does this through article writing and online discussions for business sites.